Timelines ripple through my soul
like waves of the mystical sea
life-giving elixir, infinite drive
like the shimmering temple lights
harbored deep under, the radiance of
so many passions and unending possibilities

Lives painted across hallowed turf
layer upon layer, the magic still lingers
as tired earth remembers
golden moments, dreams manifest
silent epiphany, wild deeds
a fool’s delight, love lost
layer upon layer, dirt, spirit, flesh
hearts on fire and the elements
hold our most precious memories

Some dreams we think vanished
somewhere throughout our day
faded down through the ages
but truly they played out anyway
rapturous lost dramas unfolded
in flickering ghostly ripples
across dimensions unknown
summoned and recognized only
by the steps of our own glowing hearth
where the love we thought had died
burns on, holy azure flame
where the visions we thought faded
caresses our reality, lives on

Timelines ripple through my soul
and the seasons of time’s elaborate spiral
etch rare petroglyphs upon my heart cavern
everlasting imprints of hope, letters divine
cherished encounters never departing
despite that which spills over
falls to its eventual demise
I watch a thousand childhoods
fall to the ground and die
as I wait for the cool aqua city to arise
I watch and I wait and I say goodbye

But goodbye is only an illusion
a veil of emotional confusion
and so I wait, I wait
as my mind and heart blaze
I wait for the cool aqua city to rise
constructed of gemstones so precious
and the most precious of moments
from every timeline

About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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