Pray For Judas

Typecast for all of eternity
into the role of eternal betrayer
and–yes–eternally hated by the multitudes
By eons of flesh and blood, hearts attached to minds
who would not take the trouble to venture a deeper glance
into their own soul’s archives and the sacred crystal chasm
hidden far in the earth
so transparent and clear
that every one of its mysteries
have dissolved into all that is

We should be praying for Judas
Not spitting upon his memory
He knows what went wrong
Do you?
Are you sure you really understand
what the Holy Drama was truly about?
And what archetypal convictions, such strange divinities it has stamped upon our souls, our calender dates
our very blueprint of existence?
So many are simply led along
prescribed the way
Take this, save your soul and call me on Sunday
So much easier to blame
all the Judas’ and Jezebels of the world
for all of its devastations
So much more convenient to hate those who have stumbled
and to judge their shortcomings
than to face our own
Because, that’s right, there’s a little bit of the Golden Players
in each of us, including the betrayer
Doesn’t Jesus remind us again and again:
Do not judge, lest you be judged?
Jesus has forgiven Judas
He knew he did what he had to do
Jesus has long forgiven Judas
Can you?

He does not expect your absolution, this Judas
because he can’t forgive himself
and that is his foreboding hell
Can you imagine what it would mean
to bear the burden of such a horrible mistake?
To be in the ultimate spotlight of darkness and disdain?
To be forever held in the esteem
of villains, demons and evil kings?
The dark knot has not loosened
The noose around his neck still burns
The chains around his soul cut deep
No murder on his heart
No real lust for power, no greed
It was not out of spite or for a bag of silver coins
that he led those men into Gethsemane
Maybe he truly believed his task was holy
His royal duty, to unveil the King
Who he envisioned would come down off that cross
in a blaze of glory
or, even better, transform to blazing light
right there in the garden
to the dumbfounded bedazzlement of His captors
Judas greatly anticipated this glorious moment of reckoning
Never could he have imagined such torture
such horrifying chastisement his beloved would endure
Never did he dream
that Jesus would voluntarily surrender
He did not quite fully comprehend the Plan
until it was, in the eyes of so many, too late

Pray for Judas, tortured soul
Afterall, he wasn’t the only Apostle
who didn’t quite pass the lesson
Thinking their Master had arrived
to rise up and rule ancient Israel
Restoring their rightful place in the world
and to be worshipped, placed so high
upon a pedestal of any time line
Though Jesus told them again and again, repeatedly
that His kingdom was of another world indeed
His word simply seeded in the hearts
of every being to walk the earth
Has not countless lives been lost
through the twisted slander of His good name?
Has not His Golden Wisdom been obscured
through centuries of misplaced veneration?
Do you really, in your heart of hearts, think
this was what He envisioned for His people
and for the Hallowed Memorandum?
Some of His closest confidants helped to perpetuate
the saddest lie of all time
Yet they had no malice on their hearts
No ill intentions as they wove their eager yarns
Keeping a story alive that they didn’t fully grasp
Would you condemn the entire lot of the Chosen Ones
for simply missing the point?
They were still human and still filled
some very human earthly footsteps
Still experienced the spectrum of emotions
Products of their environment
Living reflections of their time
In many ways still deaf to the voice of their Master
Blind to His vision, His progressive ideas
Pure, raw concepts straight from heaven
Daring to break the bonds and shackles of tradition
They puzzled at His affinity and respect
for the female gender
Astonished when He received the sisters
into the inner circle
Afterall…it was a boy’s club…
And maybe a little bit jealous
that His most faithful, trusted disciple and cherished friend
was Mary Magdalena
Strong women of many eras are generally considered whores
But this does not render the male followers any less faithful
They just some of them veered a bit off the true course
Prisoner to their social standing
Confusing the powers of this world and another
Judas was not the only one who didn’t get it
but he was the one left with blood on his hands

No doubt the Plan had to play out
one way or the other
Just not all were prepared to live this brutal reality
Not all could hear the Dove sigh and the angels sing
But Jesus fulfilled His every intention
down to the last breath
within the years He graced this planet
in blood, bones and flesh
and in His light form for infinity
In His Golden Mind and Sacred Heart
He knew what was to happen all along
There are even some who say
that He chose Judas for the honor
of turning Him over to the authorities
so that the sacred wheels could be set in motion
for His selfless public act which would
hope upon hope enlighten us all
But I cannot believe in my heart
that Jesus would ever assign
one of His closest, most beloved buddies
the obligation of turning what has been dubbed traitor
to be forever damned by humanity
He would never condemn such a soul to endless loathing
scapegoat for all our disappointments
He would never sacrifice a loved one that way
even for the sake of the Drama
It was more likely a misunderstanding
of the highest degree
This is why we really should be praying for Judas
Has he suffered enough, has he not yet paid?
Come on people, lighten up on the poor guy a little
Because the nail holes have long healed
And now more than ever
we are needed by our fallen brother



About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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18 Responses to Pray For Judas

  1. Pauline Picchi says:

    Judi, this was interesting reading. “Prayer for Judas”. How did you come up with such meaningful words to describe this poor, long life hated soul? Excellent Judi, very moving and something for all of us to think about. I’m so moved by this story, that if MGM ever wanted to get a hold of it to make a movie based upon your theory, it would probably win several Academy Awards!! Nothing like this has ever been written. Pure work of a genious!

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Thank you so much Pauline, I was looking forward to sharing it with you, and your comment made my day! Much love to you and to your entire family…

  2. Ben Naga says:

    A mighty piece of work, I think.

  3. willowdot21 says:

    This is ndeed a deep and thought provoking prayer. Who of us can stand with hand on heart and swear that we would never betray those we love. Not one of us in truth I fear. We are all human as was Judas, all weak and vunerable. Judas is not better or worse than an of us , Jesus forgave him so, so should we. Thank you so much for this post! xxx

  4. Beverly Kalinin says:

    Judi, You amaze me every time I read one of your long poems or stories. I think, “from what depths within Judi does all this informational knowledge come?!” You open your heart and out it all tumbles.. It feels as if the history of life is in you, and you may stop its flow from you at will, but you are never empty because there is no end.

  5. Unsungpoet says:

    Ben Naga: Always a pleasure to hear from you and your crystal clear, no nonsense insights! XOXO

  6. Unsungpoet says:

    Willowdot: Sending the love right back at ya…

  7. tshauambea says:

    Such depth!! What initially drew me in was the title; I couldn’t stop reading it once I started

  8. WOW! now that was one mighty piece of Brilliance.. 🙂

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