Number Eight: Balance of Infinity

On the plane of numbers philosophy 8 represents the ultimate balance of all life energies and due justice for all life forms.  This universal equilibrium is not necessarily likened to the scales of courtroom and human law–although it can include those aspects–it’s rather a concept of cause & effect that exists and operates far beyond the praising or punishing hand of mankind.

It could be said that a soul’s conscience when in true rightness with itself is sustained by the same balancing force that governs the physical and karmic laws of the universe.  The point is not to necessarily be right or wrong from an ego’s perspective, yet in line with true correctness and fairness projected by the infinite loving intelligent force many have come to calling God; acknowledging the larger true purpose for every action and reaction.  Once one has in sound mind looked into their heart and has recognized the right thing to do, they are one and the same with the very essence of that boundless force.

And so it is less important to accumulate votes or points for reinforcing one’s opinion, and more important to elevate that opinion to the most golden level within one’s own conscience and see if it holds up there.  This ground zero means of existence is every individual’s sum piece of infinity, portal to all abundances, and is what the frequency of 8 is all about.

Even the symbol for number 8 is the sign of infinity standing on end, a twisted zero, like the mathematical Moebius strip:  one plane or surface that dips & curves and appears to divide but doesn’t, eternally feeding into itself.  This perpetual self-justified balancing act could be thought of as the entirety and the nucleus of creation.  The infinity sign–or sideways 8–surfaces in many interesting places, not the least of which being the Tarot deck:  above the heads like a halo of the people on the cards holding the Magician and Strength, the latter being card number 8 of the higher arcana in itself; bearing a woman taming a lion–the perfect balance of power.  This, at the very least, shining light on the notion that all things are indeed intricately connected.

Numeral 8 can also reflect certain elements of trade, commerce and economics but not in the sense of profit & gain, hoarding, accumulation or greed; not within that traditional “he who dies with the most toys wins”  attitude of mind.  That type of money and thing-loving would more likely thrive under the 6 vibration, the number of earthly, materialistic values.  Number 8, on the other hand, is concerned with the proper flow and distribution of goods, services, energy and just cause throughout the entire lot of the cosmos.

Because the 8 vibration understands any system of legal tender to be simply a medium for the equitable fulfillment of all needs, individuals with heavy influence of 8-ness in their personal chart may be faced up with lessons of this sort in the handling of finance.  They may also–depending upon where in their chart the 8 falls–be continually concerned or faced with or even obsessed with doing the right thing; decision-making which would, if carried out correctly, result in more than the average sense of justice.

Within the concept of numerology, the base number principles are contained within the digits 1 through 9; the last three of 7, 8 and 9 operating from frequencies “higher” than is generally accustomed to on the typical earth plane.  And of theses three more fine-tuned vibrations, 8 once again finds itself in the position of mediator while being nestled between 7 (the first number to venture away from the physical) and 9 (the completion  of the base scale and connoisseur of those higher, formless planes).  In this light, 8 may be thought of as the mechanical harmony of all the invisible things that make our worlds run.

8’s corresponding rays of color are rusty hues:  brownish-orange, crimson and pink.  Its gemstone is dark amber, blood stone or diamond.  It is generally believed that the body contains 7 chakras or energy centers which correspond with points on the astral body and keep us connected to all that is.  Of these, the 7th is at the top of the head or crown and joins our physical being with those of the heavenly realms.  But some understand there to be 9 or more chakras in all, the ones higher in count than 7 existing above the head, like halos indeed, and rooted in electromagnetic energy fields of our bodies that we do not yet fully comprehend.  From this perspective the 8th chakra would be the base core to those unexplored regions of our existence.


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Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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4 Responses to Number Eight: Balance of Infinity

  1. willowdot21 says:

    There is deep magic in numbers.

  2. Lovely read, and I am often fascinated with numbers and their frequencies, I too believe our chakra’s go beyond the 7. As we are linked with more.. 🙂 …

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Probably more than we imagine! The numbers fascinate me as well, and the many ways they surface in our lives. Thanks for the feedback and for taking the time to read this…I was very proud of this one, my numerology pieces mean alot to me…

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