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Number Three: Our Inner Child

  In numbers philosophy whereas 1 represents the male or Yang principle and 2 encompasses the female or Yin state of being, number three then stands for the offspring of that union and is likened to youth and childlike energy.  … Continue reading

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The Beauty Around You

                                                          So often we get so caught up in our own little … Continue reading

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When I Look To The Sky (or) The Long Ride Home

  When I look up to the sky to the silent stars and their familiar mystery thinking of how long it took us to arrive and all we left behind I wonder why we ever came All the hardships and … Continue reading

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The Temple

    Our hearts burn glorious in heaven through pain & suffering indescribable through darkness & poisonous misunderstanding Our ravaged hearts lie crowned with hope Hidden away safe in a high room encased with the kindest golden light Meanwhile, the streets roll … Continue reading

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  Another one brought to the light of day from the old archives: I travel through the clouds at night in my dreams and wonder if they’re really dreams at all especially when I meet up with the souls who … Continue reading

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