Mirror Tricks

Have you ever looked back on some of your own past creations in awe as they speak to you now louder than ever?

While recently thumbing through an old poetry journal of mine from 1997, I saw traces of a certain pattern:



To judge someone of anything
any crime so heneous or violation
down to the most basic personal level
Is simply bringing that same judgement
in amazing exact proportions against oneself
This is a truth which penetrates the veil of living
and is so far imbedded into every thread
which holds the laws of the universe and
our own little worlds together
This, a truth which could not be simply read here, or anywhere
and then absorbed down to the molecular level
The Bible
The Kabala
Keys of Enoch
Book of The Dead
The Course in Miracles…
How many mass-scale scripts?
They all have recorded this golden law, I’m sure
But you will never learn it that way
The words are empty, a mere cliche
Until you find yourself in the midst of your heart
It takes a lifetime of pure raw energy
to see to know to feel to really understand
any action or thought
brought against any being
outside of oneself
brings oneself
against the self


Forgiveness is the golden nectar
The essential rule of humanity
What actually keeps us going, keeps our souls glowing
Yet can become quite a tricky concept
when brought down into our own little modes of perception
We understand this precious rule
even activate it in our lives
Feeling the true meaning of forgiveness in our hearts
And yet there always seems to be an exemption
Always that one thing burning away at our sensibilities
that we think we could never let go
We do this without even knowing it sometimes
Keep our own little private score cards
with that which is so hard to pardon, inexcusable
But in reality there are no special cases
And this basic function of our souls will save us
because it applies like the strangest of medicines
to the tiniest scrape and the coldest, meanest blow
our heart could ever take
The true test is to forgive
that which seems impossible
to bestow forgiveness upon
The darker the deed, when undone
will bring the most satisfying peace


When I said you may not have liked what you’d seen
if you looked at me so many years ago
All I meant
is that my confidence and self-respect
were at a very low peak
Hope was running bleak
and I poured into my flesh every poison or crude medicine
every numbing agent I could get my hands on
Treated my sacred temple
like a mad scientist’s chemical lab
like a clown punching bag, beat down
and right back up in your face again
Over bearing, whiskey cheeks
and kind of mean
That’s all I’m saying:
you may not have liked me much
’cause I didn’t like myself


How can I walk with lost souls
or sit with fallen angels
without becoming the fallen angel I am?
How can the light shine from within
when I refuse to see that same light in others?


Only happy ghosts hang around today
watching through the woodwork
and the shadows which always know
but never tell
Only happy ghosts
’cause my heart is lighter and stronger
and I’m not afraid to see
I know this old house from both sides of the mirror
where these phantoms are watching
and they recognize me
from inside my dreams


Mirror tricks
Is it really so tricky?
Those two-way mirrors
how many ways do they reflect?
Defying the law of miracles
Something so good turns out so bad
Then could the darker illusions really be golden?
Will the universal laws ever function in my favor?

Mirror tricks
There’s really no trick to it at all
See the good & the fine
and you are good & fine
See the evil
and there you go


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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4 Responses to Mirror Tricks

  1. Ben Naga says:

    A nice piece of writing. Well worth reading.

  2. Very Deep.. and yes you are right.. we but need only take a look within our own reflections… and wait until we see clearly their image.. 🙂

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