We Are Like The Seasons (For Paulina)

Seasons 1
We are like the seasons
of the earth we so embrace
Cells spinning in circles, vibrating like the stars
Invisible wonders in our bones & blood
tumbling like the cosmos, ever expanding

Springtime we appear like the wildflowers
Splattering our colors across the plain
Our innocence bright & unshakable
Our destinies fresh as the early dew

Summer brings boundless days & balmy nights
We play long & run hard
Every horizon, a high adventure
Every encounter, a magical affair

Autumn slows us down with its deep, rich tones
Taking time to look around
in ways we hadn’t fathomed
& feeling the cool, calming winds of change

Winter graces us
with its clean crystal blessing
Ice & rain to wash away
all what the seasons have rendered
all these things which have formed our worlds
& branded our souls, we let them wash away
let them go, we give them back
to the mysterious night
And while outside the days are short
the field is barren & the sky so cold
Within, ah within our hidden den
it’s forever safe & warm
Glowing cavern, Sacred Heart
In all ways radiating
with every love or kindness we have ever known
Like a baby bear we crawl back
into this shelter
Back to the Sacred Mother
who watches over as we slumber
& then awakens us from our dusky dream
so that we may witness
the rising sun
Seasons 2



About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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4 Responses to We Are Like The Seasons (For Paulina)

  1. Autumn and winter are my favorite seasons. But as this poem so eloquently states there is something to appreciate in every season.

  2. Beautiful Poem dear Unsung.

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