Last Americana Frontier

I recently drove with my dog from California to Alaska and back again.  They say that Alaska is the last frontier; I say we should just leave it alone, leave what’s left of it to the wildlife and the forces of nature.  Haven’t we yet claimed and desecrated enough of this great country?  Anyhow, I’m still very glad I made the trip; the adventure was definitely in getting there!  And instead of trying to describe this awe-inspiring journey, let me just share a little bit of what I saw…





















































































































































































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Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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4 Responses to Last Americana Frontier

  1. Pete says:

    Yes for the most part untouched wilderness, but I found that for 14 years one can indeed (live) and co-exist within that wilderness without damaging it.

  2. WOW! what beautiful untouched landscape.. What a journey that must have been Unsung. and sharing it with your best friend, loved his/her knitted coat, And seeing so much, Bears, foxes, was that Muse? too crossing the road.. A truly wonderful set of photo’s and I agree with you about keeping things as nature intended them to be..
    What a journey..
    Love to you and so pleased I saw this today in my reader.. Hope you are well, Love and Hugs
    Sue ❤

  3. Jay Haeske says:

    Lovely, I especially liked that little church, very beautiful. And you even saw a black bear or two, I haven’t yet come across one on my travels. But I haven’t been to Alaska yet. Makes me want to go…

  4. We do forget, when we are surrounded by family and friends, and the Walmart just around the corner. We forget how raw and rich the vast wilderness can be. It’s good that you took this trip. The wilderness has a beautiful way of bringing us back into perspective, where values are concerned.
    Blessings to you and yours.

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