Blue Star Exploding

Blue Star Exploding is a true story of love and friendship, a modern epic spanning several decades.  This memoir chronicles the peculiar bond between two misfit souls who found one another many years ago, forging a union which simply refused to die even after they parted ways and throughout the changing times, life’s many crazy surprise curves…a supernatural bond, indeed taking on a glowing, beating life of its own.  The story begins in the mid 1970’s, taking hold in Northern California at Sonoma County’s dreaded notorious Malfunktion Junktion and carrying on through time immemorial within clandestine dream planes and the mysterious chambers of heart.

I have been writing for all of my life yet, due to bad timing or misplaced ambition (or a combination of the two), have been widely unsuccessful in the commercial publishing world, albeit receiving glowing reviews of my work, that’s as far as it ever went.  If, however, there were an “honorable mention”  for the number and variety of “bites” and rejection letters accrued, I would definitely be in the limelight there.  Does this sound familiar to you?  Can you relate to this plight?  After years of accumulating stacks and stacks of those wonderfully character-building articles of pain, and in the light of most publishing house’s aversion to taking a chance on anything other than sure-fire big money items, instead of throwing in the towel I’ve decided to take the situation into my own hands.  Besides nine chapbooks of poetry (of which I have given away over 1500 copies) and my blog, this is my first attempt at self-publishing.

I was originally going to ask for a very tiny dollar amount per ebook download, via a Paypal donation button.  You couldn’t imagine what I went through to try and install that button; it simply didn’t work.  Melt down!  Then I attempted to link to a couple of different ebook-selling websites; encountering either severe formatting problems or more technical difficulties.  Further melt down!  It seemed as though the fates were not on my side to put this tale of mine out there in the world through the web.  But wait, I am determined to share it here, and am not going to let some old computer push me around!

So this is the thing:  the ebook is here, available on this page, free for the taking and if you’d like to read an unusual homespun saga from a lone pilgrim whose mantra has always been “never say die”, please access and indulge.  It is my honor to share this strange and unique, highly personal story with you…And I hope you enjoy these 127 pages of undying love, stormy romance, raucous adventures, changing times, humor, wit, mysticism and the endurance of the human spirit.  Some candid language–adult readers only, please.  {Sex, drugs & rock n roll, baby!}  Thanks so much for your interest!

For ebook:  Click Here


11 Responses to Blue Star Exploding

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  2. zumpoems says:

    Great for you for doing this! Will plan to revisit and browse!

  3. Beverly says:

    An absolute love story through and through. Two souls destined to connect and reconnect, and then to connect yet again! When I finished reading it, I felt warm and sad and full of love, all at once.

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  5. thankyou for your ebook xx

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