In Time

What is time?
Time resolves lives
It unties knots of lies
Loosens brutish bindings
Exposes secret evils
Makes haters out of righteous tongues
Makes zealots out of peaceful men
Turns the tide of hearts
Pulls gently on our flesh
Puts lines on our faces
Turns those lines to dust
Turns all it touches
Into gold or into rust
It makes liars out of the well-intended
Romantics out of fools
Makes cults out of religion
And religions out of truth
Twists the words of prophets
Brings down the throne of kings
Cools a burning wound
Heals the broken wings
It pacifies, it blinds
It will open up your eyes
It will humble a braggart
Humiliate a thief
It will bring love back to you
Bring the devil and his disciples down to their knees
It steals our breath
Fortifies our soul, takes our pride
In time we create, and in time our creations will crumble away
And we think of it all as just another day!
What is time?
Well it's a bunch of rocks in space spinning 'round one another and our bright shining star
The very cosmic function which makes you who you are
Time will reveal the mass deception that abounds in this world
And hopefully in time your mind will have expanded enough to recognize the great deceiver
And hopefully time will have expanded your heart enough to be a receiver
For the truest of true

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A Simple Equation

Much time has passed since I’ve posted anything here & I realize people have lost interest in the original unsung poet! But I have not lost my passion, no: the endless poetry & photos, the numbers philosophy, personal archives, universal reflections & general bantering…it’s all still alive here in me, colorful, loud & as full-dimensional as always.. I just have not felt like sharing; my platform lays across my heart, not seeking recognition or assemblage, only striving to remain true in my perceptions. Like a bear in the darkest wintertime I’ve crawled into my den, yet with eyes open, so painfully, cosmically aware of the life that spins in endless circles & the glaring insanity that has gripped us all.

And so, without becoming too political, controversial or opinionated, without being pegged one way or the other can I just say something here?… I’d just like to encourage everyone to open their eyes & their minds a little wider…to observe beyond their current agenda or particular set of principles, if only a tiny bit try to make their vision broader, to see the other guy’s point of view; & so we expand our knowledge & our approach rather than holding on narrowly to one concept. And to see how the omnipresent, untouchable powers that be are manipulating us with fear &, most importantly, how they are keeping us divided, always fighting amongst ourselves, always squabbling about what’s right, true & just. That is how they can control us. Screaming “fake news” when someone has the gall to expose another angle (as if humans aren’t capable of sorting through it all themselves), advocating the term “conspiracy theorist” when someone actually does think for themselves, saying “don’t question science” when science is indeed ever-evolving; these are only a few examples of how we are being programmed, stymied & muted.

It’s easy to respond with righteous anger & indignation when you witness an outrageous thing or feel infringed upon. However, what be your preference in politics, whatever religion you embrace, if any at all, whatever your medical, social or cultural beliefs or standards… maybe it’s time we all strive a little harder to understand where those on the other side of the aisle are coming from, & to show a little compassion for their fears, concerns & trepidations…even when those fears are exemplified with outright hate. Because, & I could never stress this enough, YOU CANT FIGHT HATE WITH HATE…or else hate always wins!!!

It’s a simple equation people, think it over.

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Making Haste

Dusk comes upon the shimmering blue
while ancient worlds come anew
into our vision and our realm
while cobalt turns to smooth grey steel
One by one they bear their throne
as this world turns from its very own
Stars glowing fierce to guide our plight
through all the mysteries of night

But it never lasts too long
the infinite beauty and shining grace
There’s an end to every song
for infinity is making haste

Dawn seeps gently upon the skies
while cosmic magic melts from our eyes
giving way to streaks of brilliant hue
and sun rays bringing life anew
Two by two the stars do fade
from the shadow that this earth has made
This edge of time will ever bring one
into sight of the celestial kingdom

But it never lasts too long
In a heartbeat the infinite’s all glaring ablaze
And there’s an end to every song
for infinity is making haste

It never lasts too long
this wondrous glimpse of time and space

There’s an end to every song
for infinity is making haste

It never lasts too long
like all the souls you wished would stay
like each precious moment of every day
like the infinite heart that’s gone astray
No it never lasts too long
For there’s a closing note to every song
A clock ticking on the human race
and countless lives are laid to waste
while infinity is making haste

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Timelines ripple through my soul
like waves of the mystical sea
life-giving elixir, infinite drive
like the shimmering temple lights
harbored deep under, the radiance of
so many passions and unending possibility

Lives painted across hallowed turf
layer upon layer, the magic still lingers
as tired earth remembers
golden moments, dreams manifest
silent epiphany, wild deeds
a fool’s delight, love lost
layer upon layer, dirt, spirit, flesh
hearts on fire and the elements
hold our most precious memories

Some dreams we think vanished
somewhere throughout our day
faded down through the ages
but truly they played out anyway
rapturous lost dramas unfolded
in flickering ghostly ripples
across dimensions unknown
summoned and recognized only
by the steps of our own glowing hearth
where the love we thought had died
burns on, holy azure flame
where the visions we thought faded
caresses our reality, lives on

Timelines ripple through my soul
and the seasons of time’s elaborate spiral
etch rare petroglyphs upon my heart cavern
everlasting imprints of hope, letters divine
cherished encounters never departing
despite that which spills over
falls to its eventual demise
I watch a thousand childhoods
fall to the ground and die
as I wait for the cool aqua city to arise
I watch and I wait and I say goodbye

But goodbye is only an illusion
a veil of emotional confusion
and so I wait, I wait
as my mind and heart blaze
I wait for the cool aqua city to rise
constructed of gemstones so precious
and the most precious of moments
from every timeline

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Dust Storm

The years keep spinning by

’round and ’round that is
This grand carousel
of glowing dust
Spinning, spinning
and yet to be no more
Spinning off into the infinite
nothingness of space
like rainbow nebulae
like distant star clusters
Spinning eternal, as our minds perceive
yet always disappearing
from the seasons we have loved
from the calendar pages
and our common reality
Gone, gone, disappearing
from our everyday reckoning
and maybe our memories
But pieces of the rainbow will always fall
like colorful snowflakes of a storm in passing
scattered throughout our every day
little mementos of what has been
of every breathing moment
each learning curve of destiny
decorating our path with slight awakenings
to the spirit of something which remains
something which exists apart from time
and seems to make time stand still
despite the way it ruthlessly passes
Tiny specks of dust, only to remind us:
An old woman’s garden
A tiny speck of dust
Forgotten halls of passage
Tiny speck of dust
Olden toy on the shelf
Tiny speck of dust
Ancient forest clearing
Tiny speck of dust
Distant train whistle
Tiny speck of dust
The smell of rain on pavement
Tiny speck of dust
Skulls line the sidewalks
Tiny speck of dust
Vacant souls existing
Tiny speck of dust
Church bells ringing
Tiny speck of dust
Lovelorn faces peering
Tiny speck of dust
Fighting in the alleys
Tiny speck of dust
A warm hearth glowing
Tiny speck of dust
Engines sparked and roaring
Tiny speck of dust
Desert sands blazing
Tiny speck of dust
Wood smoke rising
Tiny speck of dust
Ashes in the wind
Tiny speck of dust
Bouquet of wildflowers
Tiny speck of dust
The sting of ocean sky
Tiny speck of dust
Fog rolls over hillside

Tiny speck of dust
Your childhood walls
Tiny speck of dust
Dim lit backstreet barroom
Tiny speck of dust
That song on the radio
Tiny speck of dust
Bodies cold and hungry
Tiny speck of dust
Insanity in high places
Tiny speck of dust
Moon glares down upon us
Tiny speck of dust
Rows of empty houses
Tiny speck of dust
Hidden crystal cities
Tiny speck of dust
Ghosts wander battlefields
Tiny speck of dust
Cracked, lonesome highway
Tiny speck of dust
Symbols behind the alter
Tiny speck of dust
Ancient paintings on secret walls
A tiny speck of dust
Bones surfacing in unmarked graves
a single
of dust
The way the sun slants the shadows
in the afternoon, littering the ground
with phantom debris, sensory reminders
fragmented little pieces of revolving epochs
The years, they don’t stop and so
the dust never settles
those spiraling whirlwinds
of unspoken moments
the ones we thought were gone forever…
Tiny speck of dust
drifting down
from a far away star
gets caught in the eye
temporarily blinds us
lands in the heart
and gets it all chaotic and reeling
spinning out of control
like this merciless temporal system
which keeps us bound to a sense of loss

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Does anyone out there today really get it?
The true-ness of this life I mean?
With all its hidden implications
and blindfolded mysteries…
To stop, look with untarnished eyes
Listen from deep down below the eardrums
from the silvery, echoing drum skin of the heart
To stop, look, listen, to feel the flash of the moment
is truly the way to perceive these many dimensions
of clandestine existence, boundless time and space
all the wondrous folds and creases of reality
You can’t race the clock
The clock always wins
Monuments fall, one after the other
You can chase down the world
in all your perceived successes
Chase down the moon, the sun, immortality
But you’ll never catch a miracle that way
The rush will possess you
and only keep you running
and all the gains, the fortune and fame
the notoriety, an illusion
of the grandest degree
While creation’s true lasting majesty
in all its epic twists and turns
can be found and held like a righteous treasure
by simply holding still for a spell, holding still
and honoring, cherishing, savoring
the breath of the moment you live in, your own sacred spirit
your pinnacle in the time flow within a myriad of timelines
because infinity unfolds from that very moment
no sooner, no later, from the sacred timeless now
This simple little lesson, this philosophy
could take a lifetime to wrap itself around a heart
yet indeed has been pondered ruthlessly since time immemorial
analyzed by so many minds, pondered, possessed, peddled
wrapped up and delivered so neatly
Find your inner peace here, miracles for sale
Told in seminars, sermons, sold in movies, books and songs
Printed on posters, clever and witty little charms
Bumper stickers, wall plaques and greeting cards
Quoted from marketing geniuses
from self-made gurus and many a modern sage
But in the face of their own realities
from the perspective of their own life-force energies
few really get it
I mean, they aren’t living it man!
They’re talking all this enlightenment crapola
Sounds good, looks good, a grand show indeed
But dancing to another tune altogether
Still scrambling around in an ambitious frenzy
like their own lives are exempt from the course
and yet so perfectly showcased, promoted, exploited
Brandishing over-priced educations
from over-blown, special interest universities
where competition and the almighty dollar is still king
and facts are manipulated, history altered
knowledge held hostage…
So many people out to grab what they can
to fill their imagined slot in the world
to gather as many letters by their name as can be
And some high-paying job
better than the next guy’s
What they perceive as respected, powerful, important
because a white bread, media fed society
has from the very beginning told them, sold them
that’s the way it should be
Conventions of the day demand
a person get so far ahead of themselves
that they forget who they really are
So far in debt, possessed to their very soul
And for many therein lies true success
Even rebel pathways are so treaded
so bogged down and trendy
What a curious circus this world has become!
The grandest spitting contest ever…
Meanwhile…the infinite moment…
it keeps…slipping…away…
And simple souls, loafers like me
we sit it out in all our silent complexities
Silently watching the planets spin and tumble
Smelling the clouds, drinking the rain
Feeling the pulse of the earth
Guarding her most precious secrets
While all of her childrens’ accruements
all preconceptions, pre-destined to fall
It all indeed will fall away, this we know for sure
By death, clock ticking, dramatic departure
fire, flood, earth quaking, breaking, cosmos ever expanding
The unfolding of ruthless destiny will render everything to ether
All holdings, all achievements disintegrated into mere memory
which may or may not shine true in the history pages
This is why, in all of my closed chapters and echoing hours
all my golden moments, rowdy miles and inevitable departures
I strive to hold only every instance of love
or every memory of love’s potential
which I wear around my neck, saved on a silver string
The most precious piece of jewelry, no two beads the same
This is all that’s really important to me
My most prized possession, I bequeath to the stars

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When words can’t describe it
When drugs can’t kill it
When symbols can’t glorify
When the bottle can’t numb it
When money can’t contain
or manipulate its outcome
When ghosts can’t hold it
and logic escapes it
When hell won’t have it
When history can’t remember
where it belongs
and dreams can’t explain
its peculiarity
When it’s out of your hands
When it can’t be saved
Then let it fall into the wings of your angel
Then just hand it over
and walk away

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Wounded Animals


We’re all like wounded animals
crawling through life
Dragging ourselves along the wayside
Sampling hopeful remedies as we go
Stopping to rest our bones
for awhile then limping on
Some cuts and burns never really heal
Some breaks just won’t mend
We adapt, like beasts in the wild
Our spirit broken, our hearts deformed
We nonetheless trudge on

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Ask The Stars


We are bound to the universe
in ways never even imagined
Connected to its miraculous systems
through all our layers of existence:
Biologically, magnetically
the very final residue of our souls
Parallel worlds, connected by timelines
Parallel lives connected by the
magical moment where our hearts live
Our cells, little central powerhouse headquarters
for sacred places far, far off
within strange star systems
and planets hidden away in the tucks and folds
of those cosmic clusters
and spiraling winds of time
It’s something I perceive so deeply, so adamantly
We are simply astral matter
operating upon dimensions unknown
A multi-tiered part of a design
far beyond the realm of our mind
our little brains…
Don’t ask me how I know
They don’t teach this stuff in class
Hell, I’m practically a high school drop out anyway 

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Last Americana Frontier

I recently drove with my dog from California to Alaska and back again.  They say that Alaska is the last frontier; I say we should just leave it alone, leave what’s left of it to the wildlife and the forces of nature.  Haven’t we yet claimed and desecrated enough of this great country?  Anyhow, I’m still very glad I made the trip; the adventure was definitely in getting there!  And instead of trying to describe this awe-inspiring journey, let me just share a little bit of what I saw…




















































































































































































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