Cancer Is Big Business

Reblogged this from last year…Some things are worth repeating, again & again! Dedicated, still & always, to RGK (June 29, 1933 to July 14, 2005) and KDK (January 30, 1947 to October 29, 2011)


There, I said it.  Something I have believed and known in my heart to be true for a very long time.  I said it long before my father became ill and died of cancer, I said it when diagnosed with the “C” word myself, I said it while watching my best friend/husband die of cancer and I’m still saying it.  Some things you just know from the very depths of your soul’s perception to be the truth, yet it would never hold up in any court of law; wouldn’t tailor down to any accepted buy-lines of proof, as this business entity is so huge, all-consuming, self-perpetuating and paradoxical that evidence just wriggles, slides and drops off of it like a slithering nest of snakes.

Before I go any further here, this needs to be said:  I am not inferring that each and every person involved in any aspect of the medical profession is necessarily involved in…

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