Does anyone out there today really get it?
The true-ness of this life I mean?
With all its hidden implications
and blindfolded mysteries…
To stop, look with untarnished eyes
Listen from deep down below the eardrums
from the silvery, echoing drum skin of the heart
To stop, look, listen, to feel the flash of the moment
is truly the way to perceive these many dimensions
of clandestine existence, boundless time and space
all the wondrous folds and creases of reality
You can’t race the clock
The clock always wins
Monuments fall, one after the other
You can chase down the world
in all your perceived successes
Chase down the moon, the sun, immortality
But you’ll never catch a miracle that way
The rush will possess you
and only keep you running
and all the gains, the fortune and fame
the notoriety, an illusion
of the grandest degree
While creation’s true lasting majesty
in all its epic twists and turns
can be found and held like a righteous treasure
by simply holding still for a spell, holding still
and honoring, cherishing, savoring
the breath of the moment you live in, your own sacred spirit
your pinnacle in the time flow within a myriad of timelines
because infinity unfolds from that very moment
no sooner, no later, from the sacred timeless now
This simple little lesson, this philosophy
could take a lifetime to wrap itself around a heart
yet indeed has been pondered ruthlessly since time immemorial
analyzed by so many minds, pondered, possessed, peddled
wrapped up and delivered so neatly
Find your inner peace here, miracles for sale
Told in seminars, sermons, sold in movies, books and songs
Printed on posters, clever and witty little charms
Bumper stickers, wall plaques and greeting cards
Quoted from marketing geniuses
from self-made gurus and many a modern sage
But in the face of their own realities
from the perspective of their own life-force energies
few really get it
I mean, they aren’t living it man!
They’re talking all this enlightenment crapola
Sounds good, looks good, a grand show indeed
But dancing to another tune altogether
Still scrambling around in an ambitious frenzy
like their own lives are exempt from the course
and yet so perfectly showcased, promoted, exploited
Brandishing over-priced educations
from over-blown, special interest universities
where competition and the almighty dollar is still king
and facts are manipulated, history altered
knowledge held hostage…
So many people out to grab what they can
to fill their imagined slot in the world
to gather as many letters by their name as can be
And some high-paying job
better than the next guy’s
What they perceive as respected, powerful, important
because a white bread, media fed society
has from the very beginning told them, sold them
that’s the way it should be
Conventions of the day demand
a person get so far ahead of themselves
that they forget who they really are
So far in debt, possessed to their very soul
And for many therein lies true success
Even rebel pathways are so treaded
so bogged down and trendy
What a curious circus this world has become!
The grandest spitting contest ever…
Meanwhile…the infinite moment…
it keeps…slipping…away…
And simple souls, loafers like me
we sit it out in all our silent complexities
Silently watching the planets spin and tumble
Smelling the clouds, drinking the rain
Feeling the pulse of the earth
Guarding her most precious secrets
While all of her childrens’ accruements
all preconceptions, pre-destined to fall
It all indeed will fall away, this we know for sure
By death, clock ticking, dramatic departure
fire, flood, earth quaking, breaking, cosmos ever expanding
The unfolding of ruthless destiny will render everything to ether
All holdings, all achievements disintegrated into mere memory
which may or may not shine true in the history pages
This is why, in all of my closed chapters and echoing hours
all my golden moments, rowdy miles and inevitable departures
I strive to hold only every instance of love
or every memory of love’s potential
which I wear around my neck, saved on a silver string
The most precious piece of jewelry, no two beads the same
This is all that’s really important to me
My most prized possession, I bequeath to the stars


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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2 Responses to Possession

  1. Ben Naga says:

    I believe the 60s terrified a number of rich, powerful and unsavoury individuals and so decided to make sure that as few people “got it” as possible in the future. It seems they have been all too successful in their endeavours. 😦

  2. Dearest Unsung.. Loved that you got in touch again.. I had not seen your post way back last Sept.
    Wishing you a Wonderful start to 2018. May we retain the love in our hearts to share with others..
    Love and Blessings Sue xxx

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