Prayer of the Haunted Heart

This one is from “More Ghost Poems”, another of my nine self-published poetry chapbooks circas 1999-2004:

God please take these feelings of fear
from my bones and my breath
until my time has come
to meet the angel of death
Take these haunted dreams
shadows in the night
Take this haunted heart
into your flaming light
So many words left unsaid
So many things to settle still
God please take me into your golden dome
Use me as you will
and then bring me home


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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7 Responses to Prayer of the Haunted Heart

  1. willowdot21 says:

    I really like this!

  2. Beverly Kalinin says:

    Nice, Jude. I can relate to that poem/prayer.

  3. Ben Naga says:


    Over the aeons one has gone the rounds
    Left adorning the skies’ diamond diadem
    Cut adrift in a floating garden of wonders
    What the hell, eh: the more the merrier

    The life of Riley in a sparkling glass house
    One built of such stylish mirrored walls
    Yet the duped indweller is unable to see
    Nor appreciate the garden’s true delights

    While passers-by enjoy the two-way glass
    “Merry” is maybe all too far from appropriate!
    In the meantime, plentiful pain and anguish
    Yet fear not for “All’s well that ends well”

    In time, of which there’s a plenitude (or none)
    Waters wash away the gravestone’s inscription

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