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This One Thing

Throughout the ever-changing condition of humanity Through expansion or deterioration of consciousness Through social deviance and disintegration of ethics Despite language barriers and generational blockades With the rise and fall of empires and time’s ruthless change One thing is certain … Continue reading

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Number Four: The Square

    In light of the language of numerology, number 4 is the most serious, stable-minded vibration of the entire numeral spectrum.  Unlike its predecessor, frilly, light-hearted 3, 4 deals purely with no-nonsense, no-time-for-gaming matters.  With number 4, what you … Continue reading

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My Crystal Walls

    I used to be such a hopeless romantic Now I’m just hopeless! No, but seriously, without hope when dreams and hope and feelings are slashed too many times, when the heart is tricked and confused on so very … Continue reading

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