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Cancer Is Big Business

There, I said it.  Something I have believed and known in my heart to be true for a very long time.  I said it long before my father became ill and died of cancer, I said it when diagnosed with the “C” … Continue reading

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This is from one of my nine chapbooks of poetry, titled “More Ghost Poems” and self-published in 2003: I always cry at funerals I always die at funerals When I read about the way he had trouble sleeping the night … Continue reading

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Americana Freedom (Jimmy’s Song)

Just the other day I spoke with a dear old friend We shared alot of laughs and “do you remember when”s No doubt found by someone who we both could not love more Who flew with the angels through death’s … Continue reading

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Number Five: Daredevil!

Within the concept of numerology number 5 is pure thrill, the ultimate adrenalin rush.  It represents any aspect of daring and risk, at a relentlessly fast-moving pace.  Those individuals heavily influenced by 5 in their numerological makeup will likely be … Continue reading

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