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Making Haste

Dusk comes upon the shimmering blue while ancient worlds come anew into our vision and our realm while cobalt turns to smooth grey steel One by one they bear their throne as this world turns from its very own Stars … Continue reading

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Timelines ripple through my soul like waves of the mystical sea life-giving elixir, infinite drive like the shimmering temple lights harbored deep under, the radiance of so many passions and unending possibilities Lives painted across hallowed turf layer upon layer, … Continue reading

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Dust Storm

The years keep spinning by ’round and ’round that is This grand carousel of glowing dust Spinning, spinning and yet to be no more Spinning off into the infinite nothingness of space like rainbow nebulae like distant star clusters Spinning … Continue reading

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Ask The Stars

    We are bound to the universe in ways never even imagined Connected to its miraculous systems through all our layers of existence: Biologically, magnetically the very final residue of our souls Parallel worlds, connected by timelines Parallel lives … Continue reading

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We Are Like The Seasons (For Paulina)

We are like the seasons of the earth we so embrace Cells spinning in circles, vibrating like the stars Invisible wonders in our bones & blood tumbling like the cosmos, ever expanding Springtime we appear like the wildflowers Splattering our … Continue reading

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Angel Prayer

This little prayer is from 1999, originally appearing in “12 Poems At The End Of Another 1000 Years”, the first of  my self-published poetry chapbooks: O angels please take this mysterious sorrow from my heart of hearts Take these dark spots … Continue reading

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Live A Little

Originally appeared in “Ghost Poems”, one of my nine chapbooks of poetry self-published between the years 1999-2004: Is this what it all comes down to? We live a little Never fully understanding the mechanics of self or the purpose of … Continue reading

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Pennies On The Floor

This was originally written in 2003; a version of it appeared in 2004 in “Jewels In The Dust And Other Hidden Trinkets”, one of my nine self-published poetry chapbooks: Now I’ve thought it over long and hard The ways of … Continue reading

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Number Nine: The Chameleon

So now we have worked our way up the spectrum of numerology vibrations to number 9, last of the single digits and completion of the base numbers scale.   9 is definitely about completion:  of life’s cycles, chapters, accomplishments and … Continue reading

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Wild Seed (The Night Is My Friend)

The night is my friend Gravity my alibi Under cover of the stars I watch my dreams fly away out of here over some mythical horizon where the sun always sets and the mirrored moon rising always fills the darkness … Continue reading

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