Hallowed Heart

This poem originally appeared untitled circa 2002 in Ghost Poems, one of my nine chapbooks of poetry self-published between the years 1999 & 2004:

People will always come and go in life
They just do that, I guess
that’s just what people do
Move through your walls like phantoms
Paint your world
with some kind of crazy colors
and then fade off into distant skies
horizons of the here and beyond
Anyone you’ve ever known
leaves a part of themselves with you when they move on
Pure essence of attitude, like a presence
that will haunt your room
and fill up your senses
And who knows if the phantoms are real
departed souls still meeting
on some invisible plane
Or simply souls who have crossed
and criss-cross again and again
through power of thought
through heartfelt resolution
and time-released understanding
People are always gonna come and go in life
So it’s better not to dwell
on the space they leave when they move on
For in a supernatural world
we are all joined together
in ways that are strange and divine
But down here in this place we call home
all that’s left are ghosts


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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4 Responses to Hallowed Heart

  1. I am sure our souls criss cross many times Unsung.. One thing I know as we send out our thoughts I know they are heard.. Keep sending.. xxx

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