Late last year I was browsing through the pages of fellow blogger and sister soul Sue Dreamwalker when I came across a bit of information enlightening me to the fact that within our earth year of 1987 a blue nova star exploded in the sky not too far from home.  Although this was the first I had ever heard of the cosmic anomaly, a blue star exploding was a personal vision, an icon of sorts, for many years:  to me it symbolized the ancient earth star or a planet similar to earth blasting through all space and time, catapulting countless hearts and souls into separation through all of infinity, whereas they are infinitely drawn, like a divine magnet, back together again.

So when I discovered that this incredible occurrence actually took place smack in the middle of my life to date, I was naturally amazed; to discover that it occurred during that particular year left me dumbfounded because within that year everything so drastically changed, yet on an unpremeditated, spontaneous, “invisible” level and I perceived this literally as an inner vision of an explosion, a personal epiphany of sorts, somewhat violent and indeed played out on another dimension.  I had no idea whatsoever of the nova star; I mean, you heard alot of stuff back then of something called the “harmonic convergence”, the planets rare alignment, etcetera, etcetera and yadi-ya, but I didn’t watch TV and rarely followed the hypes or current trends of any belief or genre.  I gathered my information on a simple, individualistic moment-to-moment basis.

And during that season I was privy to so many raw, surreal experiences along my life travels, everything in my world indeed blasted wide open and upside down; my perceptions blasting all the way open from the inside, out.  It was a story I never told until now:  when I read of the astronomical disruption of that precise era it all came flowing out of me, like a floodgate snapping open, in a narrative poem (with intro) I simply call  “1987”.  The poem captures a tiny facet of the waves of phenomenology which were recklessly unspiraling during those times.

What were you doing then?  Yet to be walking around on the face of the earth?  Did you feel the explosion too?  And what bizarre and incredible thing did life reveal to you? 


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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