Dust Storm

The years keep spinning by

’round and ’round that is
This grand carousel
of glowing dust
Spinning, spinning
and yet to be no more
Spinning off into the infinite
nothingness of space
like rainbow nebulae
like distant star clusters
Spinning eternal, as our minds perceive
yet always disappearing
from the seasons we have loved
from the calendar pages
and our common reality
Gone, gone, disappearing
from our everyday reckoning
and maybe our memories
But pieces of the rainbow will always fall
like colorful snowflakes of a storm in passing
scattered throughout our every day
little mementos of what has been
of every breathing moment
each learning curve of destiny
decorating our path with slight awakenings
to the spirit of something which remains
something which exists apart from time
and seems to make time stand still
despite the way it ruthlessly passes
Tiny specks of dust, only to remind us:
An old woman’s garden
A tiny speck of dust
Forgotten halls of passage
Tiny speck of dust
Olden toy on the shelf
Tiny speck of dust
Ancient forest clearing
Tiny speck of dust
Distant train whistle
Tiny speck of dust
The smell of rain on pavement
Tiny speck of dust
Skulls line the sidewalks
Tiny speck of dust
Vacant souls existing
Tiny speck of dust
Church bells ringing
Tiny speck of dust
Lovelorn faces peering
Tiny speck of dust
Fighting in the alleys
Tiny speck of dust
A warm hearth glowing
Tiny speck of dust
Engines sparked and roaring
Tiny speck of dust
Desert sands blazing
Tiny speck of dust
Wood smoke rising
Tiny speck of dust
Ashes in the wind
Tiny speck of dust
Bouquet of wildflowers
Tiny speck of dust
The sting of ocean sky
Tiny speck of dust
Fog rolls over hillside

Tiny speck of dust
Your childhood walls
Tiny speck of dust
Dim lit backstreet barroom
Tiny speck of dust
That song on the radio
Tiny speck of dust
Bodies cold and hungry
Tiny speck of dust
Insanity in high places
Tiny speck of dust
Moon glares down upon us
Tiny speck of dust
Rows of empty houses
Tiny speck of dust
Hidden crystal cities
Tiny speck of dust
Ghosts wander battlefields
Tiny speck of dust
Cracked, lonesome highway
Tiny speck of dust
Symbols behind the alter
Tiny speck of dust
Ancient paintings on secret walls
A tiny speck of dust
Bones surfacing in unmarked graves
a single
of dust
The way the sun slants the shadows
in the afternoon, littering the ground
with phantom debris, sensory reminders
fragmented little pieces of revolving epochs
The years, they don’t stop and so
the dust never settles
those spiraling whirlwinds
of unspoken moments
the ones we thought were gone forever…
Tiny speck of dust
drifting down
from a far away star
gets caught in the eye
temporarily blinds us
lands in the heart
and gets it all chaotic and reeling
spinning out of control
like this merciless temporal system
which keeps us bound to a sense of loss


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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2 Responses to Dust Storm

  1. Ben Naga says:

    … Resignation
    … And acceptance

    … And hope

  2. tameekanknox says:

    Wonderfully written

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