Cancer Is Big Business

There, I said it.  Something I have believed and known in my heart to be true for a very long time.  I said it long before my father became ill and died of cancer, I said it when diagnosed with the “C” word myself, I said it while watching my best friend/husband die of cancer and I’m still saying it.  Some things you just know from the very depths of your soul’s perception to be the truth, yet it would never hold up in any court of law; wouldn’t tailor down to any accepted buy-lines of proof, as this business entity is so huge, all-consuming, self-perpetuating and paradoxical that evidence just wriggles, slides and drops off of it like a slithering nest of snakes.

Before I go any further here, this needs to be said:  I am not inferring that each and every person involved in any aspect of the medical profession is necessarily involved in some evil entity, this humongous capitalist gain venture, or are even consciously aware of it.  There are many good people in the fields directly related to the cancer profit machine who truly believe that they are doing justice for the communities of the disease-inflicted; they are just good folk doing their jobs, feeding their families and paying the bills.  And I’m not even saying that every physician, surgeon or high-ranking official of the medical sciences are cold-hearted profiteers with a conscious hand in the business.  So many professionals in the field have been trained a certain way, come from certain educational backgrounds and they passionately believe in a system of medicine which, quite frankly, falls short of the true essence of the healing arts.

Yes, there are individual human entities in extremely powerful and elusive positions within the societies of this world who indeed know what they are doing when it comes to this ethically-bankrupt profit market and its unfathomable toll on humanity.  But these dark profiteer kingpins are relatively a handful in comparison to the millions of souls unknowingly caught up in a sad and disturbingly distorted process.  Bottom line, it is not a “black and white” situation; there are so many different shades of grey, more than one could ever imagine.  The business of medicine and clinical healing was long ago seeded with opportunist greed, and through time has expanded and grown to unbelievable proportions like an unstoppable, well-greased machine fueled by legal tender lust, maintained with ignorance and fear and sucking an infinity of souls into its ruthless workings.  An astronomically huge money machine wittingly or unwittingly powered by such equally huge and untouchable organizations as the American Medical Association (along with many other nations), the Food and Drug Administration, insurance companies and, not least of all, the self-righteous and almighty pharmaceutical amalgamations.

I was originally going to write about my own personal experience with the cancer machine which began when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December of 2010.  I was going to dive in head-first and tell it all:  beginning with the early phases of diagnosis and the “nurse navigator” assigned who, in theory, is there to support and guide you through your options but in reality is simply there to narrow those options and veer you straight into the machine’s inner workings; all the details leading up to and after the mastectomy; the oncologist (cancer drug pusher) who kept changing his story and who once proclaimed that radiation doesn’t cause cancer and the hormone progesterone has absolutely no value or effect on the body; all the way through to the plastic surgeon who botched my final-phase “reconstruction”, who refused to acknowledge that something went horribly wrong even when my good breast swelled up to the size of a cantaloupe and has never fully healed…who spoke to me like a punished child when I stood up and questioned this, and then, when he decided he was through, discarded me like a used tissue.

It should be noted here that I have always colored outside of the lines, so to speak, and have never bought into mainstream conditioning of any sort, and so in fifty-plus years of life on earth have only gone to the doctor a handful of times.  I’ve always been strong, relatively healthy, just lived with the aches and pains, my “bad days”, and put my total faith in preventive maintenance and alternative healing.  Native peoples from the world over were practicing medicine for thousands of years before the modern, mechanized laboratory systems, so I always figured there had to be alot of sustainable truth to the healing power of plants and other gifts of Mother Earth.  I’ve been one who could never understand how so many could get caught up in the fear/control cycle of most doctors, pharmacies and insurance companies, etc…how they could live life like that at the mercy of a few and with the belief that there is no other way, follow the directions doled out or die sooner.  My thoughts on this vicious cycle were simply intuitive hunches from many long years of observation, not yet personally investigated in full.  And so when I began the odyssey of doctors and specialists, hospitals and tests, I went in completely unaware of the full-fledged reality that lay behind those hunches.  One phase after another, that entire experience completely validated what I knew in my heart all along:  cancer is big business.  I learned this first-hand, my eyes pried open wider and wider at each new curve along the way and I was even sometimes shocked by some of the blatant inner workings of the machine; though my inner knowing told me all along it was so, to witness these things full-fledged as such was a sharp slap in the face and a rude awakening indeed.

Again, I must say that not everyone I came into contact with throughout the cancer-run was cold as steel or hard as the nuts and bolts of profit; no, there were some awesome, loving hearts, like precious glowing embers scattered in a burning field long blackened and desolate.  And I had the blessed good fortune to have been cared for on some level by these folks.  Once again:  all good human beings just doing their jobs, unaware of the shadow of greed which has so subtly infiltrated the universe of their chosen career path.

So I was going to tell of this experience of mine in all its bloody details, but then I thought why do that?…My story is one of literally millions, and people don’t need to know what happened to me on one given day or another.  What they need to do is focus on their own stories, their own extenuating circumstances because that is what is important here–not necessarily what happened, but what we are going to do about it:  what we can do to help ourselves and each other.  Instead, then, I want to get down to the heart of the matter, and the heart of the matter is this:  there have been many cures discovered for cancer throughout the ages, seriously, and these cures have been flushed out, squashed and decimated by powerful participants of the AMA, the FDA and, yes, the big-time pharmaceutical companies.  I personally feel that the drug companies are the biggest facilitators of the machine.  They come up with all sorts of chemical tidbits to “treat” every condition imaginable (and a few unimaginable) of the human experience, ranging from depression and anxiety to organ malfunction to the pain in your little toe–and would have you believe that in consuming their products, then and only then will you survive.  They’ll come up with new “conditions” or dis-eases, slap a clever name on it and sell you a drug.  Meanwhile, the chemicals they’ll have you relying on, while perhaps relieving you of one thing, will bring on countless more “side effects”, some as extreme as violent nausea, seizures or even death.  And the gears grind on and the wheels keep turning.  You are still in some way sick, break-through remedies are swept under the rug and the machine is being fed.

And why, you may be asking, would these companies and organizations want to destroy the living evidence of the very cures that so many have supposedly researched and experimented with for so long?  Well I can offer two reasons here:  1)  If cancer is indeed completely cured, look at the financial empires created from this industry and watch how they would tumble and fold, really, I don’t need to go into great detail here; just observe all that is involved and imagine the financial helter-skelter that would occur should there be no more need for any of it and….2)  All of those cures which have already been discovered consist of natural substances; plants, herbs, tree bark, roots, natural hormones, even some foods–all gifts of the Mother, relatively free for the taking by you and me, and the pharmaceutical kings cannot patent something that grows out of the ground.  Plain and simple:  it’s all about the controlling of profit and gain.  These socially accepted drug-lords scramble around stealing cures from the natural sources, surely recognizing the potential there, and they will alter one little thing, one chemical compound, molecule or element as they synthesize it, for then they can stamp their profit-inducing, monopolizing mark on the product; they can essentially own it yet something is always lost in the tampering and transition process, and their final outcomes are always basically worthless.  And to further the confusion, in their determination to corner the market on “healing”, many proclaim that those exact natural substances from which they attempted to derive the healing angle are ineffective and–get this–dangerous to one’s health!

That’s where the Food and Drug Administration comes in:  while perhaps (and perhaps not) once a noble monitoring device for the good of the people, all it is now is pure thug muscle for the medical profit market.  Did you know that at one time not long ago the FDA tried to make our daily vitamins prescription-only items?  There are also, at this very moment, huge financial interests working to make illegal and unattainable certain natural products rightfully free for our consumption, such as herbal gifts from the earth.  Luckily, other, more benevolent forces are also constantly fighting to make that not happen.  In short, the greedy, profit-driven powers that be would keep you sick so that you will need their products or services so that the machine will grow and thrive.

I am by no means trying to tell anyone what to do, how to handle their own health issues; no, no, no, never would I do such a thing.  That is a very personal decision to be custom-made by each individual.  The choice is for you to make; you have a right to change your mind as well.  It is my sole desire here just to let it be known that there is more to choose from than what is perhaps being made available to you.  Explore your options.  Read, look, listen, ascertain and question; never be afraid to ask “stupid” questions.  Many times you will be faced with illogical, outright absurd situations which you will be expected to accept at twisted face value, unquestioned, as just skimming over incomplete details is a common way that medical professionals handle loose ends, and people are prompted to just go with the flow as such.  Don’t buy into it.  Demand to know what gives, afterall, it is your temple we are talking about here.  Get a second and third, even a forth or fifth opinion.  I used to think that alternative medicine was for the privileged few who could afford such luxuries (a colorful off-shoot of the machine).  But I was wrong.  You don’t have to be able to afford some righteous, high-dollar naturopath, trailblazing physician or other alternative medicinal wizard (although some are surprisingly reasonable).  Sometimes there is real healing potential credence in simply changing your habits, your emotional/mental state (unblock those chakras), taking stock of the foods you eat and eliminating the poisoned products or taking a trip to the local health food store.

In backing up my claims here, I’d like to leave you with one example:  there is an herbal concoction, a mixture of four different herbs which you can grow or acquire yourself; it has been named “Essiac” and has been known to cure people of cancer.  Many, many people.  It was the very old remedy of a medicine man from the Ojibwa Indian tribe of eastern Canada.  A lone nurse in the 1920’s, a brave and noble woman by the name of Rene Caisse discovered this remedy through a treated patient she met in a hospital, and from there spent literally a lifetime–decades upon decades–treating people at her own expense with this herbal “cocktail”, which she grew or gathered, prepared and administered herself.  The high-powered medical associations and drug factory officials of both Canada and the U.S. alike spent many, many years trying to pry that remedy from her hands, trying all sorts of tactics to get her to sell out but she never would; knowing full well what would happen to that wonderful gift of nature if she did.  And so, in turn and in contempt, those same forces whose bribery she rejected did everything they could to torment this beautiful humanitarian nurse:  they used threats, trickery, harassment, and even repeatedly had her arrested.  She never caved, yet the authorities damn near had the stuff outlawed.  But thanks to the resourcefulness and ingenuity of a few other brave individuals to follow, despite the many efforts of the keepers of the profit machine to render it nonexistent, Essiac is still available in health food outlets to this day; labeled and categorized as a “detoxifier”, as it would be illegal to claim it as a treatment for cancer!  Did you know that any doctor affiliated with the AMA is absolutely forbidden by same to discuss natural remedies with patients?  But thank God that some advanced and enlightened medical professionals somehow find loopholes around that, and very fortunate for all of us that they do, for they write books, give lectures and start up websites that we can all learn and benefit from.  If you would like to know more about Essiac and Miss Caisse’s incredible story, visit this website:

I guess I had more to say on the topic than I realized, and still haven’t said all I want to.  I feel so strongly, passionately about this and it’s a soapbox I have a hard time stepping down from!  But let me just wrap this up as such:  be strong, have faith, try not to let the fear grip you and don’t let any one doctor or the other intimidate you, scare you or convince you that it’s their way or the highway.  You have the right to pick and choose the treatments and remedies that work best for you.  There are no guarantees any way you look at it, and so the best you can do is to make choices which will afford you a quality life of the time you have been gifted with; when each of our hour has come to meet our Maker, we will do just that.  In the meantime, trust your intuition, and never be afraid to be your own advocate.

Sending blessings to you on your journey of wellness.

~Dedicated with all my heart to Robert Gregory Kalinin and Kenneth Douglas King~


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18 Responses to Cancer Is Big Business

  1. Just me….if applicable, please despam me….thanks so, so much for your help!

  2. willowdot21 says:

    I do not know what to add, I agree and concur with every word you have said!

  3. I dont know what to say other than thank you…

  4. It’s so important to be your own advocate; no matter what the situation is. Great words of wisdom, unsungpoet.

  5. I agree. I have read books and watched documentaries on the subject. Your passion is evident. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and sharing your thoughts…I am indeed very passionate about it and it is my pleasure to share what I have learned…

  6. danbalva says:

    Great post! It definitely hit home for me because my grandpa passed away from cancer, my dad fought it for quite some time, as did other members of my family. You mentioned that your story is one of millions, but you are helping so many people by offering them light into a difficult situation, and I hope you know how grateful many people are for that. I just started following your blog, but from what I can tell, you are a very strong person, and definitely a fighter! Thanks for being a source of inspiration to us all, and I look forward to stopping by your blog much more often!! 🙂

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Wow your great and heartfelt reply made my day! Thank you for your kind words and for sharing about your family with me…I’ve been offline for awhile and will be for awhile more until I can straighten internet connection issues!…Reading this was an inspiring return to “blogland” and I so appreciate your encouragement, you make me feel as though maybe these words are indeed reaching someone and maybe even helping somewhere along the way…

  7. Unsungpoet says:

    Reblogged this on unsungpoet and commented:

    Reblogged this from last year…Some things are worth repeating, again & again! Dedicated, still & always, to RGK (June 29, 1933 to July 14, 2005) and KDK (January 30, 1947 to October 29, 2011)

  8. willowdot21 says:

    i do not know what to say, you are so brave . Take heart there really is more good than evil in this world.

  9. Hi,
    You make a lot of great points in your post. I suffer from a chronic pain condition and while I am in no way comparing that to battling cancer, I know how it feels when doctors don’t have the humility and courage to either refer you to someone else or say they can’t help you.
    I know of several places that are dedicated to helping the lives of cancer patients and are founded on the mission of curing and treating cancer. I work for one of them myself. Yes there’s red tape and yes there are hurdles to getting research conducted and discoveries out there. But the entity I work for is full of dedicated scientists, researchers and support staff that believe in the mission of helping to cure cancer. We’re not profit-driven and I think that makes a huge difference. We do work with pharma and biotech companies to develop new ways of battling cancer, but our bottomline isn’t a dollar figure.
    Thanks for sharing your very personal story with your readers. I’m a new follower of your blog but am looking forward to future posts. 🙂

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