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  When words can’t describe it When drugs can’t kill it When symbols can’t glorify When the bottle can’t numb it When money can’t contain or manipulate its outcome When ghosts can’t hold it and logic escapes it When hell … Continue reading

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Four-legged Angels

If you’re anything like me, animals have always been a very important part of your life and have filled your days with joy and love..                                   … Continue reading

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Angel Prayer

This little prayer is from 1999, originally appearing in “12 Poems At The End Of Another 1000 Years”, the first of  my self-published poetry chapbooks: O angels please take this mysterious sorrow from my heart of hearts Take these dark spots … Continue reading

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Pennies On The Floor

This was originally written in 2003; a version of it appeared in 2004 in “Jewels In The Dust And Other Hidden Trinkets”, one of my nine self-published poetry chapbooks: Now I’ve thought it over long and hard The ways of … Continue reading

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Number Seven: Pure Mystery

Number 7 is the embodiment of spirit, representing all that is purely ethereal.  It encompasses a conceptual dimension of reality where materialism is of little consequence and is merely an ever-changing reflection of attitude and ideals.  And where faith is never questioned. … Continue reading

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Angel World, Land of Dreams

Welcome to my angel world Welcome to my land of dreams in my secret world of angels things are never what they seem There’s never any hate no evil thoughts, heartbreak There’s no pain and no death Life is measured … Continue reading

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Angel Airwaves

        I was sitting in the parking lot of a cancer factory waiting for an appointment I knew I would not honor but kept anyway because I gave my word to listen to whatever the cancer drug pusher … Continue reading

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Angel’s Clouded Hearth

                Perched on angel’s clouded hearth the spirits are very kind to an overwhelming crowded heart and a haunted mind

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On The Road With My Angel

Traveling upon the roads of this earth the soul petroglyphs, tracings of my years and those of so many whose paths intertwine Through ancient mudflats and tired hills remnants of cherished cities, broken streets neighborhoods rich in passionate silent history … Continue reading

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Old Friends Resurfacing: A Beautiful Thing

Shortly after beginning this blog last summer, I  posted an entry titled Hey Teach! wherein I wrote about three teachers who left a glowing impression on me and made a lasting impact in my life, despite my short-lived classroom lifespan!  One … Continue reading

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