Love Shield

This poem was originally written over 20 years ago, recently rescued from old water-damaged manuscript archives, and I feel bears resuscitation:

I’ve been surrounded by ghosts all my life
These relations with the spirit world
are not necessarily established by choice
at least not on this plain of consciousness
Something so omnipresent and born of the heart
would have to be retained from before we were ever born here
It’s something you simply live with
learn to accept and love
that you could live amidst the depths and folds
of our God we think of as “above”
But God is everything, everywhere
and we exist on this dense earth plane
within the caverns and crevasses of all life, all energy
All of God’s creation, His every child
How could anyone really believe
that life dead-ends here?
There are so many differing currents
on which a soul can voyage
and some stay in spirit and huver close
to assist or chastise
But just as our bodies fend off
the dirt, disease and germs bred of this world
So does the spirit bear its shields
Expressions of our right to be
Psychic commanding of our own worlds
and our own heart’s intentions
Dark or less evolved souls
who might carry mal intent within their realm
they, too, seek their outlet
yet not to assist on your golden trail
only for instant gratification
They seek out weak minds
minds that will fall to hatred and anger and greed
They would have you falling back, always, on vices
Upon your fears they feed
And so a natural repellent to the dark ones
is to be humble, courageous and strong
and always, ALWAYS
surround yourself with a thick coat of love
Love for everything
that could ever be happening
Find some sort of spark, some golden reasoning
for each and every event
even those that might be trying on your heart
inviting your soul into their discontent
The weak points will naturally strengthen through time
and dark forces cannot survive
an atmosphere of such love and tolerance
Yes, they constantly lurk around your temple door
but cannot survive, can only be consumed
by your outpouring of light
So never let those windows darken
the windows within the walls you build
which look through to your very essence
You never know who might be peering in
I don’t remember being told this in class
It’s something taught on schoolhouse earth
They can write it in books but you won’t remember
Something reckoned through an eternity of trial and error
Dark forces have been tormenting me all my life
They’ve been hanging out in the dark wings
awaiting my surrender
to the danger, heartbreak and strife
They’ll be waiting throughout and beyond all time
They have tried temptation and trickery
Threatened my freedom
Played upon my deepest fears
The more resistance I show
the deeper they go
They’ve sent their dim-hearted disciples down my trail
Polluted my desires with that toxic charm
Invaded my sense of feeling with fallacious arms
Penetrated my thoughts and dreams
When dealing with dark souls
things aren’t always what they seem
So I’ve learned to use the love shield
’cause it makes everything alright
Those poor lost souls
can’t hold their chains in the light
Hear me when I say
life is never what it seems
Just one grand illusion
one long waking dream
And so on your journey
you should always remember to carry
the love shield



About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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12 Responses to Love Shield

  1. Samanthamj says:

    Worth rescuing & revisiting. I often find
    myself contemplating such things…. without as clear of a vision as you seem to convey here so well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. No better advice could be given than to carry our love shield of protection… Wonderful truthful words spoken from a true heart…

    hi unsung, good to see that you resurrected this one and saved it for us to read… loved its message..

    Hope too you are well too Unsung… Be well my friend..

  3. willowdot21 says:

    I agree no better advice could there ever be! I love the idea of the love shield!

  4. Lindy Lee says:

    In phenomenology what is, is not. Love is & is not, but is, truly, all there is, as you eloquently express with your “Love Shield” words…

  5. Ben Naga says:

    Reminds me a little of Bunyan. who – sadly – seems little known in recent generations. Thrown out with the bath water.

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