Number Seven: Pure Mystery

Number 7 is the embodiment of spirit, representing all that is purely ethereal.  It encompasses a conceptual dimension of reality where materialism is of little consequence and is merely an ever-changing reflection of attitude and ideals.  And where faith is never questioned.

On the numerological base spectrum, whereas 6 is the last of the “lower” or denser vibrational frequencies which we experience on the surface of the earth and through flesh & blood societies; 7 being next in line is the first of the “higher” or more delicately tuned vibrations, ones that operate on astral and spiritual levels, invisible plateaus.  It contains such things in its rare wisdom as we are not privvy to on common terms nor are we generally taught to believe.

Number 7 is every mystery beneath the surface of the earth or beyond the confines of our sky.  It encompasses the full spectrum of parallel realities of this galaxy or any other.  It is every transcendental intelligence of any planet or star cluster throughout the infinity of space & time.  7 involves time travel because where 7 exists, on those planes of willful thought & spirit, the revolutions of earth around the sun are inconsequential and so there are no time constraints.  The beaming pillars of energy & knowledge emanating from 7 are the avenues we take when we travel outside of our bodies and in dreams.

Numeral 7 is also every mysterious occurrence or clandestine subject matter that hums & vibrates throughout the fabricated walls of our insulated little world.  It represents “impossibilities” and miracles:  lost rambling cities beneath the oceans & volcanoes, strange gigantic creatures left over from bygone eras that roam the earth today with us, fairies & little people, elemental spirits, unexplained healings, angelic presences and extraterrestrial beings of which there are many passing through our galactic neighborhood, as surely throughout the littered expanse of even our known universe other planets must foster other forms of life.  7 is the glowing layer where all life form energies to ever exist come together and form the Godhead.

Science in relatively recent years has just begun the catch up to the infinite possibility of spirit, which is what 7 is all about.  That is to say, the highest scientific minds of our day are just beginning to realize and “prove” that all matter, anything ever built or created upon this earth exists in fluctuating strands of ultra-microscopic energy forms which float in & out of comprehended existence; rendering all things impermanent, perhaps thriving on parallel worlds and subject to shifting form at the flash of a thought…Add this to the many mysterious functions of the human brain and anything is possible.  And so we see that the spirit, or the concept of 7-ness, is not a separated version of reality from that of our common material world, it is one and the same:  flesh is spirit and spirit is the expression, the divine intention of flesh.

When we experience a connection with the Lord Almighty, with the angels or saints, Buddha or Krishna or any high being, even the loving presence of Jesus Himself; when we are visited by departed loved ones or are witness to a supernatural occurrence; when we pray on our knees or look to the sky in wonder & gratitude…it is not, as we often perceive, something or someone “up there”, “out there”, “over there” or in some other compartmentalized area apart from our own living space.  That is not what we are dealing with, not at all.  When we have these revelations of spirit it is merely fragments of glimpses of the whole:  all dimensions of life & consciousness exist simultaneously and support one another.  And all of us, every one of our hearts & souls are a part of this whole.  Every version of reality is happening together, right now.

7 personifies all of this and more.  In terms of humanity, the 7 vibration embraces both the male & female tendencies and is therefore symbolic of the earliest souls to arrive on earth which, being primarily creatures of spirit, were whole souls, neither woman nor man yet both; pure light and intention.  Within the philosophy of numerology, any singular numeral digit missing from the make-up of one’s character vibration would be considered a karmic link to life & creation; an aspect of existence not yet fully exercised & mastered by the individual at hand, something they are here to work out.  Since the number 7 transmits levels of consciousness not fully achieved by many living today, and since this is reflected by the great amounts of missing 7’s in numerological readings, some numerologists don’t even consider the lack of 7’s presence in charts to be a personal karmic link at all; rather an overall, generalized condition of current mass mentality in this era of time, something one cannot sink their teeth into, so to speak…something many have not really grasped and are therefore here to learn.

By the same token, those with the vibration of 7 emanating throughout their chart may appear to others as “different” in their perceptions, standing apart from the crowds, perhaps unapproachable or outright weird.  But truth be told these “7” people have feelings & needs too and are just as human as the masses, maybe even ultra-human as they simply live in and operate from a level of knowing not yet accessed by a majority of contemporary human beings.  Of course the ebb & flow of the other vibrational influences of a chart will color this state of being one way or the other.  7 paves the way for every rare & specialized train of thought, in all its grandeur & completeness.

There are many other symbols relevant to number 7, keys of perception which unlock revealing portals into our ordinary modes of knowing.  Some of them are:  the 7 primary notes on the musical scale or basic keys of sound that resonate through any language; the 7 colors existing on our rainbow perception of light; the 7 great high seas of earth; 7 wonders of the world; in 7 days the Lord created heaven & earth, day 7 being one  of “rest” or “suspension” from all of his earthly endeavors;   7 primary chakras or energy points of our physical & astral selves, which have been thought of as our link to 7 universes…Is this what is meant when one refers to the 7th heaven?…Some also believe that there are 7 Archangels, leaders amongst the countless legions of light-bound beings.

7’s coinciding ray of color is all shades of purple, from the deepest flaming violet to the palest lavender.  Its gemstone is amethyst.  The 7th chakra is located at the top of the head, the crown chakra; just as the 1st or base chakra connects us to the elemental earth energies, the 7th or crown chakra is our built-in divine link to alternate realities & intangible beings, indeed a gateway to angelic realms, thereby completing the life-force cycle flowing through us and making us whole again.


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10 Responses to Number Seven: Pure Mystery

  1. willowdot21 says:

    A truly interesting and informative blog, thank you. xx

  2. Ben Naga says:

    7 – 11 – 22 – amethyst haunt my life history. Nice post. I have “reblogged” it to I hope that’s OK.

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! I have been revisiting my research on the 7 spiritual plane..funny you mention time travel as I sometimes feel as if I’ve visited other dimensions in my sleep..

    • Unsungpoet says:

      So great to hear from you! I was looking forward to sharing it with you once I got to “7”…There’s not a doubt in my mind that you do time travel, or visit other dimensions, maybe one and the same!

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