Find The Glowing Strand of Love In Everything & You’ll Be Alright

Well now here we stand in the threshold of prophecy
There’s been alot of big talk lately
alot of internet grandstanding, hype and speculation
But this knowing has been going on for countless eras
Silent ageless wisdom
And the layers of consciousness which genesis on this planet
the technology spawned within these generations of the past century
has produced a mass proving grounds of silent hysteria
Free-for-all in a cosmic anomaly carnival
blown out to unreasonably insane proportions
where everyone wants to be a hero
God’s special messenger, lightkeepers, the chosen ones
But we are all messengers for one another
and we are all chosen, because we elected to be here now
to live and thrive now, in this long-awaited age
Yes, something grand and catastrophic
something terribly mystical is happening, and will happen indeed
but who, pray tell, who could be so bold and so self-authorized
to pick out a date, a specific calender space
for such a universally monumental, colossal jamboree?
And how could such ancient records be so
thoroughly analyzed and comprehended?
Who are making these “translations”?
One mark, one symbol misinterpreted
and epochs have passed
Yes a shift will occur
in our consciousness, the earth’s magnetic poles
And yes, the implications could be devastating
but I don’t believe our planet will explode
or get sucked into a big black hole
We’ll rebuild again from crystal ashes
in the glow of the lighted crystal cities
Only then will we understand what is real
And no one, not scholar nor seer or renegade messenger
can peg the day of judgement for us all

If I had one thing only to say to the world in this late autumn of our lives, it would be:

Never mind what people say
You don’t have to be afraid
You don’t have to huddle in your houses in panicked fear
What we’re dealing with here
the why, how and when is out of our hands
We are merely a detail in a much bigger plan
Don’t panic, hoard, fret or fight
Our souls will make the journey through the longest night
There is nothing anyone could do or say
save getting down on their knees to pray
There is no one who could pinpoint the exact end of days
And the world won’t really be ending
it will only shift and carry on
Out of the turmoil and ashes, a brand new dawn
No one really knows when, how or why
as we stand looking and waiting in the threshold of time
So just go about your business, live your life
never abandon your dreams
but don’t forget to do these things
for all the right reasons
as we trudge on through these last familiar seasons

It is more important than ever now to listen to your deepest hunches and follow your own heart in everything you do.  We all have to move on from here at some time or another.  It doesn’t matter who or where you are; only the clarity of your intentions.  The true bearers of light go silently along their humble paths, brightening each and every day, moment, instant, heartbeat with eternal good will.  Recognize the glowing strands of pure, unconditional love in everything you see and embrace what you love, and you will be alright.



About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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9 Responses to Find The Glowing Strand of Love In Everything & You’ll Be Alright

  1. Beverly Kalinin says:

    These are big-picture, universal, wise words–comforting and true.
    I would never expect any less from you.

    I love the four-leggeds family pictures.

    from BJK, a.k.a. Mamabear

  2. Ben Naga says:

    Nice writing, by the way. 🙂

  3. I totally agree with your every sentiment here Unsung, and loved the poem and those pets wow.. so cute…. 🙂 Hugs Sue xox

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Feel it in my heart that you are a very special soul on a very special mission, Dreamwalker…nothing pretentious or insincere about you!…I included the pics of my pets here because they are what I love, that glowing strand in my world!…Shine on!

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