Tapestry of Poems 3

Peering into wind holes of time
Infinite shapeless tunnels of pure timeless energy
Where souls travel on currents of timelessness
Where minds live in perpetual bliss
and every man becomes a sage
The state of being where youth and age
are one and the same, a beautiful dream
Peering into those channels of universal emotion
where sacred winds indeed do blow
I see myself at another station in this flow
I see myself sitting alone
and peering into time’s windholes

Steel butterfly flutters in the wind
Banging against the garden gate
Soft desolation sings from outside the window
like a child’s toy down at the old bayshore beach
wheels squeaking and clanging in the timeless wind currents
and sacred particles of earth life which are no more
Leaves are beginning to fall, golden green
the sacred void gleaming with life, taking on hue
Seasons funnel upward to a majestic heaven
Crowned heart of the universe, one we all dream of
It’s been a full turn of the wheel now
without you in the world

It’s the lapse in time and space I’m talking about
The time between each act
The pause between dimensions
The space between the letters
of our old familiar alphabets
Silence before every word
It’s the broken lines in the road
The torn and faded road map
The missing page of music
Intervals of a melody
Counts between a beat
The ashes of a love affair
all but dust yet smoldering still
It’s the distance between each experience
The unmarked calender
The empty glowing strand between
friendship’s every gesture
Determination’s shadow
Hiatus of the will
That’s what holds us all together
Unspoken common universe
Transcending reason and the natural order of things
Slivers of the glowing void
woven into a perfect unattainable web

We go through life riddled with so many fears
It’s a wonder that we ever lived at all
Fear of illness
Fear of death
Fear of insanity
Fear of that sudden accident
of the wrong turn, wrong corner
the wrong choice, rejection
We fear betrayal, uncertainty
damnation and the dark
We fear the unknown
and fear what we know too
That it will just rise up and consume us
We worry, fret and fear
that we will have enough of everything
and fear that we’ll lose what it is we do possess
We fear that we’ll never be loved
to the point that we almost forget how to give it
I don’t know about you
but I fear myself most of all
Judged by the shining eyes of the stars
ever-present heavenly watchers
I throw it all away now, let it all go
’cause what is there left to be afraid of?

The inner earth is rumbling
Cells of our temples crumbling
Deep in earth’s caverns most forbidden answers lie
like the mysterious untreaded regions of our mind
Listen to the earth
Love with all you are
Spin those cells and light the temple
with your brilliant shining star

We all surface in and out of one another’s worlds
one incarnation after the other
weaving an invisible, irrevocable web
And though we all fall to isolation and dangle there awhile
those glimmering transcendent strands
will reappear, repaired
if only to waver in the sun for a moment
and then once again dissipate to blessed clouds of ether
Meanwhile reminding us
that we’re still all connected in some mystical fashion


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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15 Responses to Tapestry of Poems 3

  1. Lindy Lee says:

    Best picture in this series, house on the hill…

  2. cricket says:

    I miss you sooo much! Come visit the Bay!

  3. willowdot21 says:

    You are so right we are all connected. Thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts!

  4. Beautiful, beautiful poem. My favorite stanza is the one about the “empty” spaces between things–the letters of the alphabet, the lines on the road. My favorite picture is “Lost Springs.” Population 4? Wow. Keep on keeping on, Judy.

  5. Great poem. Loved the picture of Lost Springs, reminds me of places here in Montana, and I see that’s a beautiful picture of you.
    Great work your doing… march on brave one.

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Many thanks for the warm and generous comment! That was me in Lost Springs, about 20 years ago, on a highway trip through many states…Thanks again for taking the time…blessings to you as well!

  6. goldcostwebsitedesign says:

    Lots of beautiful pics..

  7. Each and everyone of us are connected in ways we are only just discovering …. Wishing you a very Happy New 2013 and may the tapestry of your words forever weave the magic in your life… Love Sue xox

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Aww!!…thank you for your very kind greeting, and thank God we are still all connected despite what it sometimes seems, right?…Great to hear from you Sue and a blessed 2013 to you as well.

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