Number Six: A Social Creature

On the base spectrum of numerological interpretations, number 6 is the last vibration of the lower or denser dimensions.  This is not to imply that the numbers 1 through 6 are any less crucial, meaningful or golden than numbers 7, 8 and 9, or that they are in any way inferior; it’s just that the younger or “lower” vibrations operate from corporeal and mechanical levels while the “higher” 7 through 9 represents manifestations of an idealistic, intangible nature.  Hence the juxtaposition of 6 on this progressive scale of creation gives it a nature very much concerned with earthly issues.  6 is indeed a materialistic number, reigning over the fruits of the earth and clinging to all things physically sustainable.  In Biblical lore, the Lord created the world that we are born as fleshly creatures into in 6 days (the 7th, of course, being one of rest), and 6 is symbolic of all that flourishes there.

It is likely this palpable status which gave the numeral 6 its “beastly” reputation, being considered the devil’s number:  fallen angels forfeiting the more evolved realms, leaving behind the Kingdom of the Almighty for finite, fleshly existence with all of its earthly delights.  But it must be said that 6 got a bad rap from the very start as such, and so carries with it a tag of danger or evil.  This is simply not justifiable; number 6 is only being itself as keeper of material life, and cannot be responsible for the dogmatic hearsay long ago cast upon it.

As well as being concerned with the physics of any world, 6 is also privy to all goings-on with all  levels of consciousness along the surface of our planet:  it’s a very socially oriented vibration, to which societal structure, ancestry, family and other humanly connections are very important.  A true social butterfly, 6 flutters at ease from click to click, nest to nest, and is the glue which holds any familial or civic unit in place.  It could also be thought of as the political juice of any given situation.  People with a heavy influence of 6 in their personal numerology charts will tend to be naturally comfortable when surrounded by the masses, therefore relating to a great many and loving to attend parties or any function where they are able to interact or exchange energies.  They are generally very charismatic and likeable, possessing an organic charm which draws people toward them.  Yet they can tend to rely rather heavily on family and other communal sources as permanent support systems and may find it difficult to function individually or stand alone with their own convictions or ideas.  6 is quite easy when it comes to relationships and will always operate for the good of the tribe.  Yet, in this light, it is also quite often worried about what others will think and therefore may be secretly shy in saying what it really feels; instead knowing just what to say in order to please all those who may enter its realm.

6’s hue on the rainbow spectrum is indigo, or a deep, deep, almost purplish blue.  It’s primary coinciding gemstone is lapis lazuli; some also liken 6 to the pearl.  The 6th chakra is the third eye chakra:  the energy center in the middle of the forehead where, in ancient eras when walls between dimensions did not exist as they do today, evolved beings actually  bore an outer third eyeball.  Over seas of time this third eye has evolved (or devolved) to a cranial gland within the confines of the skull:  more specifically, the pituitary which is the master gland, regulating all hormonal activity in a body and with which, ironically to the vibration at hand, we perceive the non-physical images seen when our eyes are unfocused or closed.


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