Tapestry of Poems

Our migrations as peoples
and as tribes of souls
repeat themselves again and again
Like strange holograms across the land
Footsteps eternal through mysterious time
Tracing the passion of all our lives
We’re all connected by these hallowed glowing trails
more precious than the Holy Grail

Cast my shadows to the wind
and move on forward into tomorrow
I get a feeling that’s primitive, mystical
dreamlike and familiar
My spirit whistled through the pines with the wind
every time I needed to see you
Drop in on your aura
Lovingly haunt your house

Raindrops hold the most cherished of memories
Sweet fragrance to the soul
like the memories of our cells
which hold our bodies in sweet ransom
Spinning throughout, within and without
Spinning to the ground in telltale spirals
Cosmic little powerhouses of feeling and vision
Each nucleus harboring another waking dream

The wind comes in and brushes my skin
Rattles the window pane, freshens my brain
It blows on my candles, stretching the flame
Painting pictures in the shadows
Spirits come rushing in on a radical whim
Spinning off of barren walls
Demanding to know what gives

The rain relents to a soft cool blanket of drizzly mist
Pigeons shuffle through puddles and clumsily patter from ledge to ledge
Water drops falling from their feathers
Luxurious fog drapes down between the skyscrapers
Cables hum and whine with an unearthly pitch
Vibrating the wet grey streets
Aroma of spices and sea salt in the air
It’s a perfect San Francisco day

Changing of the times
Passing of eras
Season’s friction
Creation’s nectar
Brute force, sweet surrender
Brings me to my knees
Makes my soul scream
Looking backward
Looking forward
are essentially the same
when your heart exists
on the plateau with a view of eternity

The person that existed
The girl I used to be
doesn’t live here anymore
She’s gone away
to a far off star

The wellspring of my heart
is very often the site where I take a fall
Still, the love that lives there
is the lingering spark that will save us all

After all, life has always been about facing up your fears
Walking the dim horizon of your deepest nightmare
and shining light there
Someday the words will be written across the sky
There’ll be no need for scripted lies
No need for lies, no more goodbyes

We’ve seen the last of the war zone
The wreckage is under control
Let’s just take a moment to sit in peace and breath deeply
Like that wind breathing through the treetops

The vibrant echoing light of the dawn
The sparkling amber of twilight
Colorful portals where sleepy angels yawn
Where souls rest at ease, a hallowed site

The wind comes blowing
howling, rushing, humming, moaning
Whispering in deep breaths
of another shore
of an invisible sprawling ocean
harboring life beyond imagination
Boats and dinghies bob along the surface
Masts ringing and clanging in the chimes by the door
The tide is too strong to fight now
I close my eyes
and sail away

Light drizzle passing by in the secret hours
The first of a long hot spell
Nature’s baptismal
Moon and star charms hang low in the sky
Peeking out from behind stillness haze
Jewelry for my senses
Shining in my mind’s eye
with hope, with vision
Rooster crows in the distance
New day is just over my comfortable, dark horizon


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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43 Responses to Tapestry of Poems

  1. What a journey, through the past and turmoil and yet entwined within a peace… Like after the storms we smell that freshness of the earth, as the sunshines and the steam rises from the fence, as that patch of Blue sky once again appears..
    I want to breathe in the fragrance of a New Day here, and say to you that the rain washes away and cleanses… renewing the parched earth.. as our Spirits are also renewed having visited the memories of time..
    Loved this Tapestry and loved how you weaved it all together with your patchwork of photos. Hugs Sue xx

  2. willowdot21 says:

    Beautiful words thoughts and photos!

  3. Rachel Meeks says:

    Beautiful poem. My favorite line was “lovingly haunt your house.”
    My only critique would be that this poem seems to have many changing styles. It’s overall voice is strong, but I feel that it’s broken with the more out of character lines, like “demanding to know what gives.” Often these lines that seem to have a different tone come in rhymes, so maybe it’s a case of forcing rhymes, or perhaps the varied tones was intentional. I my own humble opinion, I would have preferred a more consistent tone.
    I also really loved the images throughout. I think it added a lot. 🙂
    Sorry for the long comment! Poetry major, can’t help it. 😉

    • Unsungpoet says:

      No apology necessary! Thank you for your insights, I very much appreciate you taking the time…This entry is actually 13 separate unnamed poems woven together with photos, that’s probably why you are sensing fluctuating or extreme tones…

  4. hunt4thought says:

    Really enjoyed these poems and the photos. Thank you for sharing

  5. Alexandra Román says:


  6. Nifti says:

    Lovely. “… close my eyes and sail away”. Simply beautiful, this post. Touched my heart.

  7. Claudia :] says:

    I wouldn’t have thought photographs had their own kind of rhythm– but this post certainly taught me otherwise! Loved the poetry!

  8. yomicfit says:

    Beautifully written!

  9. What a stunning mix of verbal and visual imagery. I really enjoyed this poem. Congratulations on your fresh press!

  10. Fatima Kashin says:

    Great post!

  11. Pragati says:

    well written 🙂

  12. celiatillet says:

    Thanks for sharing your words!

  13. Your poetry is interesting. Thanks for sharing. Connie

  14. bookfeminist says:

    I loved this. The photographs were poignant and the words breathtaking.

    so, so good.

  15. raina says:

    Lovely collage of words and pictures…

  16. Lindy Lee says:

    I do strongly agree, “love is the lingering spark that will save us all”. This is a gloriously beautiful post, Dear Sweet UnsungPoet. Allow me to sing your praises, metaphorically that is:
    You have your own way with words…

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Your kind and inspirational words are very much appreciated today! Thanks so much for taking the time. I hardly ever name my poems beforehand, and I wanted to create a sort of weave where I wouldn’t have to…Some old some brand new…

  17. Delana says:

    I enjoyed the collection of photos within your work.

  18. amazing!! so glad i ‘dropped in on your aura’ 🙂

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