Number Five: Daredevil!

Within the concept of numerology number 5 is pure thrill, the ultimate adrenalin rush.  It represents any aspect of daring and risk, at a relentlessly fast-moving pace.  Those individuals heavily influenced by 5 in their numerological makeup will likely be found jumping out of airplanes, riding bucking broncs, racing motorcycles, horses, cars or anything mobile, and adopting any lifestyle which has them constantly taking chances, always on the move.  5 likes to go fast, and it never, ever stays in one place for very long.  It’s a vibration that doesn’t know the meaning of the word “stillness”, which could be quite maddening; yet in a positive light it also doesn’t know the word “stagnant”, and so is forever growing and evolving.  No pond-scum in this wellspring of energy!  This vibration is sometimes likened to the numeral 1, (natural-born, aggressive leader), and its juxtaposition upon the numerology spectrum is thought of as the start of a fresh, new mini-cycle within the larger cycle of the full numbers progression.

5 also contains the sexual energies:  flirtatious, erotic and sensual.  That is likely because it represents the 5 physical senses of the human experience, and so on a certain dimension would stand for reproduction of life as well. There are some schools of thought which explain this symbology as reaching all the way back to the earliest, most pre-ancient periods of this world and the very first souls to arrive here.  A widely accepted version of that occurrence is, of course, the story of the Garden of Eden.  Yet some believe that Adam and Eve were actually one soul, male and female in whole-soul form at a point in time or timelessness before the separation of woman and man.  And it has been said that whatever actually did come down in the Garden did so simultaneously on 5 separate geographical points of the earth—that “Eden” was actually symbolic of these several different locations—of course within an era when souls were so advanced that they could be present in more than one place at any particular instant.  And so the very first soul to touch down here actually arrived on the 5 sacred spots all at once, rooting and thriving as the earliest civilizations on this planet, eventually developing into the planet’s first nations.  And those original 5 nations, comprised of the premier souls who carried their own evolution forward there, were all based on one of the 5 senses:  sight, sound, taste, touch or smell.  In other words, the very earliest beginnings of humanity and the tendencies of souls to follow were formulated upon one of our 5 earthly perceptions. Of these dreamlike civilizations, it is said that Atlantis relied heavily on sight (and seeing as believing); while Lemuria (or Mu), that  long-ago submerged Motherland mystery, related to life on earth through the presently little-understood, mysterious olfactory sense of smell.

The 5th chakra, or soul energy center, is the throat chakra:  that buzzing, humming pinnacle of our astral bodies which encompasses voice and expression.  5’s color is bright, vibrant blue; it’s chiefly corresponding gemstones are turquoise and aquamarine.  Number 5 is all about constant change, eternally rolling with the times, one new beginning after another, and survival.  It never tires of reinventing itself, and holds no fear of life’s blind curves.


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Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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4 Responses to Number Five: Daredevil!

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Thank you. I’m glad it caught your interest!. Numerology is fascinating and an awesome way to get insights on ourselves and our worlds. I’ve been doing charts and readings for people for over 25 years, and hope to someday on my blog here, after explaining some of what the numbers symbolize, show how to read the language, so to speak, so that people can do their own charts and interpreting!

  1. Storm Rider says:

    Wow.. where do you get to know such stuff. Really cool…great post. Very interesting. : )
    High five! 😉 🙂 .. hehe


    • Unsungpoet says:

      It’s picked up over a lifetime of watching and listening!…So glad to have gotten your message today, though I’m rather late!…I found you in my spam box…Thanks for taking the time…high five indeed!!

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