A Truly Amazing Story

I began this blog last summer as a creative outlet for my poetry and numerology; also in the hopes of showcasing a story very precious to me.  It is an amazing true story about the love and friendship between two people and the uncanny, supernatural bond between them that carried on for several decades in their absence from one another; a bond that took on a life of its own, would not die–simply would not take no for an answer!  Yes, this is my story and so you could call it a memoir, and it still blows me away on a daily basis.  It’s a very personal tale, sacred to me, and my reasons for wanting to share it are personal as well.  I originally wrote it after a man I loved over 35 years ago came back into my world through rather arcane means.  Some friends who weren’t in my life that long ago were asking, “what is he to you?”  I found it difficult to explain my lifelong connection with this very dear soul and our co-existence on the dream planes, so I decided to write it down….well, one journal lead to another and another, until I had a stack of them—and what I felt was a book worthy of attention.  I decided to self-publish it as an ebook.  I have become a bit more forward about sharing it than I was in the beginning, as sharing helps to keep the magic of our legacy alive.

I realize that a 127 page story is alot to expect blog-readers to take in; most are looking for short pieces, as there are many blogs to read, they are usually in a hurry to get to the next one.  Plus, plain and simple, people are busy.  But for a book-reader, that number of pages is really not too long at all…just enough to include everything, without dragging any of it out.  It is a straight-talking tale, no holds barred; I decided from the beginning to not be shy about certain details as that was the only way to  really paint the picture of just how this whole journey came down.  And so there are candid, graphic scenes of wild sex and illicit drug use (what can I say?..it was the 70’s!) but there are also testaments to life, death, growing up, passionate love, personal transformation, changing times, deep nostalgia, raucous adventures, reincarnation, the mysticism of dreams and reunion of souls.  I’m thinking that there is something for everyone, and hoping that many will be able to relate it to their own amazing untold sagas.  This story, which I call Blue Star Exploding, is literally my heart and soul, really, I’m not just saying, and when you read it in its entirety, you will understand why.  It is accessible here on my blog, and in inviting you to read it, I am going to  include an excerpt in this post, the first page and a half or so…so here goes:


This is a story like one you’ve never heard before.  Guaranteed.  Now I know I’m not famous and I’m very rich yet I have no money.  I realize I don’t have the ambition that it takes to plaster my face out there among the masses, dressing up my story for hungry wolves.  I’m a nobody, nobody’s heard of me.  But listen, this is something you’re never going to encounter elsewhere, ever, and will likely not fully believe; yet it’s all the truth, every last word, no embellishment or novel design cover-up here.  A love story?  Yes.  Have the names been changed to protect the guilty?  I’m not saying yes and I’m not saying no…let’s just ride the fence on that one for now.  But it’s more than a love story.  This life has been one rather bizarre series of other-worldly connections after another, relationships which appear to be out of my hands and indeed suspended from the earth plane, yes, but this particular bond is the great-granddaddy of them all–suspending astronomical odds and the mechanics of time…

I met him when I was fifteen years old.  I was a couple of months into my sophomore year in high school, if that’s what you could call it; attending a continuation school after rejecting the entire authorative and social set of the local public academic scene.  My agenda was a different one, which included (but not limited to) hitchhiking around, hanging out in the park, meeting and talking with as many “heavies” as possible (the weirder the better, it seemed), getting high and drinking whiskey with the big boys.  Let it be known from the beginning here that I was fifteen going on thirty five.  By that time the really troubled years, however brief, had passed and I had somewhat mellowed out.  I was born an old soul and always related to older folks, always, and, by then, having sex with older guys too.

So I was fifteen when we first met, and that was over thirty five years ago in my Bay Area hometown.  I was standing on the porch of a friend’s house, a guy in his twenties, with him and his girlfriend.  This guy was waiting for an old buddy from fire camp.  They had been conscientious objectors during the Vietnam War and wound up in Northern California working for the Department of Forestry; a program of fighting fires in lieu of prison for those who refused to learn to kill and then go and fight what they felt was a senseless war.  The friend there in my hometown seemed to be a “central headquarters” of sorts for a bunch of the old fire camp gang, and he got in touch with them from all over the country, got them to come, hang out in the “outside world”, party, reminisce, etcetera, etcetera.  I had already met quite a few of them and had partied hardy myself.  Well this one particular fellow he was waiting for that late afternoon was about five years older than the rest of them.  He was arriving only locally from Sonoma County, but had more life experience than these guys in their early twenties, and at the ripe old age of twenty eight was quite the worldly old dude.  And, according to my friend there, he had hung not only the moon, but the stars and several other planets as well.  To say that he described him as a unique, self-propelled character would be an understatement of gross proportions.  It was “Eddie King” this and “Eddie King” that…Eddie King was like no one you’ve ever met, Eddie King was an off-the-wall crazy guy, Eddie King played by his own rules and took no shit from anyone.  He could apparently do no wrong, and this guy was so excited and happy that he was coming, amped up and excited, he was so sure that I was going to love him love him love him…

Well I was wide open to everything and easily picked up on that wave of fiery enthusiasm to the point of you’d think I was getting ready to meet a rock star.  We were the three of us standing on the porch (the friend, his girl and I) waiting for the grand arrival, and by the time he pulled up it was already like a party.  And I’ll never forget that moment he did pull up:  he was driving a funky old white 1960 Chevy wagon (the year I was born) and he swooped up to the curb from the wrong side of the lane in a haul-ass manner like a man on a mission.  His radio was blasting country music.  He had on a black cowboy hat and a cigarette was dangling from his lips.  “Yay Eddie King!” I hollered in an outburst of pure, unreserved, unadulterated joy, like a one-girl cheering squad.  (………….)


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Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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6 Responses to A Truly Amazing Story

  1. ilyksunnyday says:

    I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to love… There’s no pattern to it, except that it happens to all of us, of course. I can’t plan for it. I can’t predict how it’ll end up. Because love is unpredictable and it’s frustrating and it’s tragic and it’s beautiful…~Taylor Swift obtained from Taylor Swift Quotes

  2. Dear fellow blogger,
    I am nominating you for the Liebster Blog award. You can find details on today’s post at my blog: http://afingerpointing.org/2012/05/14/liebster-blog-award/

  3. Unsung, you have me already wanting to read more.. our encounters with those souls that we connect too on a deeper level of understanding and bond beyond words is often hard to discribe to anyone who hasnt experienced that connection which spans not only our lives in the here and now, but way way beyond into that other dimension…
    I think when two souls meet who have held that connection and bond nothing in this world will stop that connection.. We are so much more than our physical bodies.. And Love True Love is something we have held for eternity..
    Loved this Unsung Sue xx

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Sue, thank you thank you THANK YOU….Your input here has given me chills and made me teary eyed…and I truly appreciate your deep understanding…as this story means everything to me on a level I can’t express with words…

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