Untitled #969

Never before have the years glowed so fiercely
with intoxicating madness, such hodge podge soul elixir
like a talisman of time
and time’s ruthless wieldings

Never before have dreams been so crucial and hopeless
crashing through the fragile center of our worlds
and what we thought would come of them

Looking down recollection’s tricky, tunneling byways
like a maze of sacred thought and wandering heart vision
we can spot the prophetic little moments
which spoke volumes upon deafened ears of ages to come
The very pinnacles of our soul’s strange odyssey
the abstract, scattered little truths
which only find their place in reality
when we’ve lived long enough to witness
a spontaneous, self-perpetuating resolution

Never before has such sorrow melded this ruthlessly
with desperate elation
to color our memories and our worlds
with the most puzzling displays of light and shadow
Or has it?…


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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7 Responses to Untitled #969

  1. Samanthamj says:

    I think not. Not like this…
    Captivating poem. Thank you.

  2. Unsung.. your words echo so many others. as they try to make sense of Life and their own Dark shadows.. We are caught up within the twisted frame of material bars of Gold.. which have faded in the tears of Toil..
    We need to stand aloft and view from a distance.. to see how Life was never meant to be moulded in cement and Iron.. But of Care and Heart.. We have swapped the green grass for the paved highways to the abyss of Greed..
    Sorrow is within my own Heart.. But I hang onto the Joy of our tomorrows.. For I know out of the ashes rises the New.. the Bold and the Brave… who will take us forward into that Bright Light once more..

    Unsung.. your talent for words in your poems astounds me.. Loved this.. so much it swept me up also in its vibration.. Hugs to you my kindred Spirit.. ~Sue x

  3. Unsungpoet says:

    Your beliefs and your unique talent for articulating them are so refreshing to me, because it is things I’ve long known in my heart to be raw truth to the point I’ve lived my entire life by them!…and as it all seems to be spinning faster and faster (out of control) my head sometimes spins too, it’s so grounding to hear you say the words!!…to know that many others also sense the gross misdirection of purpose on this planet and misuse of this gift we have been given! Thank you for your clarity!…always appreciated and very much welcomed…

  4. Entrance me further
    I can hear your faint murmur
    Tell me your story

  5. I have begun to go through them. Trying to find it. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve found. I love stories and poetry with all my heart but finding the interesting ones means you have to find the ones that are true.

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