In Memory Of

From 12 Poems At The Dawn Of A Brand New Day, one of my nine chapbooks of poetry self-published between the years 1999-2004.

This poem is a favorite of someone very dear to me since I was very young.  This day is the 6 month anniversary of his death.

In Memory Of

The schoolhouse is torn down
Schoolyard is all torn up
where I finished the lower grades
I don’t know why I’m getting so sentimental
I never could wait to get through classroom days
It’s maybe a site from the so few remaining
of a time when innocence was just waning
yet not quite extinct, not dissolved
into a world of adult thoughts and broken dreams
Maybe a time when all horizons were brimming
with brand new ways and mysterious days
A place where heartbreak and sullen emotions
were mere shadows of something before
Not yet in this lifetime fully explored
And, still, to play and wonder as a child
Was as easy as it would ever come to be
So much can happen in a few years, or a few more
Even only barely out of this schoolyard
I tried to jump so far on ahead
Discontented, disenchanted, as always, what else?
And now, here, after all those miles
All of life’s awesome and puzzling trials
I walk the perimeter
and try to remember
the way it felt to be me
before becoming this stranger I am
I walk the fenceline and wonder
if it really could have ever been any other way
I sit in the shade of the old trees remaining
from a chapter in life which is rapidly waning
Leaves sing in the wind, a timeless melody
Trunks twisted, thick and hardened
Roots lying unearthed and exposed



About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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16 Responses to In Memory Of

  1. Cricket Myles says:

    I love this one girl.. Your way with words… just FAB!!!!

  2. willowdot21 says:

    I feel there is so much said here , there is more , even more important not said. powerful.

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Thank you. There are really no hidden inuendos to this one, it pretty much describes it as I was feeling…so sentimental and reflective on childhood times, back in the 60’s, when life seemed simpler to me and not yet quite posing trials and issues we all face as adults, and when many memories were past life ones…I had a good family life, and yet I was still so restless and in a hurry to grow up and get out there and see the world…just to eventually wind up back where I came from…and reflecting on those simpler times! I think it’s something many go through as they travel through the making the full loop…

  3. Love your smile Unsung. and my heart was with you on this one.. Walking that fenceline.. I think it was meant as it was meant Unsung.. and I know your heart still breaks… but I also know we are only ever a whisper apart.. Much love sent your way.. ~Sue x

  4. your words are so eloquent, poignant..I love your pictures of nostalgia.

  5. Lindy Lee says:

    Comparable sentiments over here; in re: You are a poet & maybe you always were; a sustaining talent & style of your own…

  6. Unsungpoet says:

    (P.S.) I’m glad to hear that you can relate!

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