In A Flash

This is the thing
You can choose love in a heartbeat
Just change your mind now, this instant, take a leap
It’s that simple, it’s so true
Never mind what has happened
You didn’t murder anyone, did you?
Every soul has something for which they need forgiving
Has inadvertently blocked out the angels’ golden living
So you strayed a little from your path
Those cosmic rays are boundless, occurring in a flash
It doesn’t matter if you found yourself alone in the dark
or let some dismal phantoms cloud your heart
The meanest demons need the most forgiving of all
The saddest, scariest ones took the worst fall
What matters is this moment, the golden instant
Choose to be in it, that magical beat
where all else is released
Where you ascend your own very personal beast
And let go of resentments, regret, envy, bad luck
Poison grudges and all sorts of other yuck
This is the thing
The answer to all of your fears and your dreams
Choose love, be kind
Accept love’s true challenge, atone your mind
Let all else fall away if you can
Let the angels guide you
as you love and bless the damned
This is the thing, this is my story
Failing the conventions of romance and bliss
But greatly succeeding at love’s true glory!


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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18 Responses to In A Flash

  1. Wow….I cannot tell you how I relish and cherish each and every word of every line here….what you expressed is such a timeless and pivitol revelation, and rewarded to the soul who has overcome hardship and tragedy, and kept on going….these words are so profound and life giving….it speaks of things ancient and of miracles at work…..things that seem so far away and hard to believe, but on the contrary are so very real and verty close….I share similar beliefs and values of the things you spoke of here, but have not found a more beautiful way of putting it…..thank you so much for speaking from this pure place in your heart and sharing it with us….I have been touched and inspired to greatness through your words….if you dont mind, I am going to bookmark this to repost in the near future, just let me know if that is OK with you….thank you again and may your day be blessed with beautiful, lovely thoughts of love and life….
    blessings and hugs,

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Many thanks for your awesome reply…I am very touched! That my words inspired you like you say means the world to me and I am honored that you want to bookmark and repost the poem…Not exactly sure what it means to do that, but it’s okay with me! Thanks again and blessings to you as well.

  2. willowdot21 says:

    DDeep words and true meaning!!

  3. Yamyah says:

    so moving ♥

  4. Unsung~… You are a breath of Fresh Air to my soul.. And even though I know you have been through your own sad turbulant times, you understand that it is only through Love, caring and Letting go of all the above negatives that we come to shine our light. ..
    Your Light Shines Girl… Brighter and Brighter…
    Hugs to you Unsung~ Blessings sent your way, for a Great weekend .. Love~Sue x

  5. Love you word choices!

  6. Archana says:

    Absolutely love the way you’ve ended the poem.
    It makes me feel so beautiful, just reading it!!

  7. Unsungpoet says:

    Aww…thank you SO much for telling me…that is the best and highest reward I could ever attain through my poetry…

  8. Lindy Lee says:

    Highway perspective shot makes one stop, look & ponder. Have noticed that many poets are drawn to perspectives, angles & landscapes here on WordPress…

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Yes, it’s a great way to illustrate very personal pieces of writing with also personal images from the archives! As Tshuambea of the “Rhymes and Frames” blog states, poetry and photography go naturally together, were “separated at birth”….Thanks so much for reading and taking the time to comment…

  9. kpadhnan says:

    good words…
    I like it…

  10. Unsungpoet says:

    Lindy Lee, you are so right about love…much gratitude for your return!

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