My Crystal Walls


I used to be such a hopeless romantic
Now I’m just hopeless!
No, but seriously, without hope
when dreams and hope and feelings are slashed
too many times, when the heart is tricked and
confused on so very many occasions
No matter the fault or purpose
When there’s just no more reason or rhyme
too much sadness, too much strife
Then the heart gets hardened
There’s just no other way around it
It grows jaded and sturdy like a crystal fortress
But if you look close enough
you can still see right through mine
despite that automated protection device
that’s just in place from light years, cosmic eons
of self-styled dubious blunder
I left it wide open for so long
alot of weathering and damage was done
Why, I’ll never know
Why I had to give away such huge pieces of my soul
And allow such foolish sorrow in the process of it all
I’ve become jaded, on guard, against myself mostly
knowing my heart’s weaknesses all too well
that dizzy, spinning ecstacy
that will plunge you straight to hell
if you let it, and I won’t
Can’t go back again, won’t risk the fall
staying safe behind these walls
My ancient heart has crystalized
But you can still see right through it
if you look closely, if you look without eyes
Ageless passion, untempered fury
the luminescent ardor of a zillion hearts
still beats, still breaths, still glows
behind my crystal walls


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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28 Responses to My Crystal Walls

  1. Ben Naga says:


    It doesn’t really matter how hard life gets, as long as YOU don’t.

    (from The Book Of Guff)

  2. Unsungpoet says:

    Ha! See I never know when you’re joking! I’ll believe anything once…Very clever, at any rate.

  3. Yamyah says:

    donmt give up ♥ the photos are inspiring too, you have soulful eyes. Ty, Love ~

    • Unsungpoet says:

      I won’t give up, beautiful girl…it was just a deeply personal moment in time which I questioned whether I should share or not, but I wanted to because I liked the honesty of it. Thank you so kindly for your loving energy. I’ve been thinking of you and hoping that you are faring well…

      • Yamyah says:

        i’m glad you shared ♥ Know that despite our “darkest” hours and in times of disbelief, we are always surrounded in Love…
        a big heartfelt Hug xx

  4. willowdot21 says:

    A truly an introspective poem but remember “People in glass houses should not through stones!! ” Bravo xx

  5. Unsungpoet says:

    That’s okay, no need for apology, I just didn’t get it! But it is indeed good advice…

  6. KC says:

    *laughs* Sorry…sometimes I get a bit…wordy. I was just saying that in the case of humor and seriousness, it makes a difference if they happen at the same time, or one after the other. *shrugs* Like I said, I’m a word picker. ;p

    I really did like your poem, btw…his reply just tickled me. I’m new to the whole blog scene, so please forgive me any huge mistakes. (The little ones you can hit me for. ;p ) *hugs*

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Okay, now I understand! I’m really not dense or anything, just such a literal person and sometimes need clarification before making any snap replies! As for your original question, I do hope that they happen at the same time, don’t you?…that would make life so much lighter and sweeter for us all…

      You didn’t make any mistakes, in my opinion, but if you do, I promise I’ll be gentle! I am relatively new to blogland myself and the whole internet thing. I’ve enjoyed it immensely, but some days unplug my computer, fold it up and shove it under the couch where I don’t even have to look at it! Still old-fashioned in many ways, and still believe that hands-on rules.

      I did check out your blogs and will go back again when I’m not so rushed. Also would sometime like to talk with you about your hometown of Jacksonville…I had an experience there many many years ago, way back in ancient history!

      Hope you checked out Ben Naga’s blog, he’s really an excellent poet and very witty as well, which you probably already noticed. Thanks again for reading and taking the time to reply.

      • Ben Naga says:

        Now don’t go over-praising me. 😳

      • KC says:

        Hey, sorry I took so long to answer! All this social-ness is hard to swim through sometimes. *g* I used to be a lone goldfish (or maybe a beta?) until I jumped the side and landed in the ocean of blogging. *laughs* Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving it…I just have to get used to it.

        Anytime you want to talk about J-ville, let me know. We’ve lived here for…20 yrs or so? At least my family…for me, off and on. 😉

  7. tshauambea says:

    The first few lines of the poem break my heart but i love the ending.

    The fact that you’re an unsung poet doesn’t sit well with me

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Thank you kindly Tshauambea…you really always seem to read them just the way they were intended.

      There are so many unsung in the arts; “unknown” poets, writers and artists, etc…The ones that inspire me the most are usually those little known, who simply do what they do for the sake of doing it! And I decided long ago that if I reach one person with mine, that’s enough…

      I’m so glad to have found your blog; your work is awesome and your feedback means the world to me. Great to hear from you again!

  8. Unsungpoet says:

    KC–I LOVE your goldfish anology, I know just how you feel, and couldn’t have said it better!

    I was in Jacksonville 25 years ago, during bike week 1987, between there and Daytona Beach and up and down the east coast. That was a wild few weeks! Lotsa “voo doo” if ya know what I mean. Someday maybe I’ll tell the story…But what stands out now is sunrise on Jax beach, one of the only 2 times I witnessed sunrise over ocean (the other in Maine)…having grown up and spent most of my life in California, I’ve witnessed a million sunsets over the water, but only 2 sunrises!

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