Death & Nature


Sun sets into another pastel horizon
where the sky melts softly with colors that could never be captured
Glows with a stillness and a hue
that you think will never leave you
Thinking the beauty to be forever printed on your senses
And then it fades to blackness
Gone forever, surrendered to the distant beckoning of unknown worlds
Just when you think the day is where it should be
Life comes and rears its mortal head
The hours pale
Rich tones escaping
Sweetness empties
into the void of generous death
Bones set into the dirt of another horizon
Sinking further with every struggle to remember
Equaled only by the countless litter of stars

The horizon is painted with blood of a zillion hearts
The sky a tunnel of souls
who have not quite let go of the Mother
Becoming a part of each sunset and each new dawn
Thundering down upon the earth planes
with every storm that ever passed here
Releasing their tortuous untold stories
upon a world which had forsaken them
Strolling the starry byways
in search of any clues which would explain their demise
Blazing with the sun in forgotten stinging silence

{I’ll never forget you}

There is no greater sorrow than a planet devoid of spirit
Like a barren, searing heart
spinning aimlessly throughout the cosmos
Have we so poisoned the planes of thought and feeling, those
clandestine dimensions where all souls meet, with
transgression of mind and goodwill?
Have we destroyed the very temple
where all souls do congregate?
Shattered the table where we once broke bread?
The hidden hallways where we once roamed freely are burning
The invisible byways of the earth
have been scorched and stained
with the blood of the Mother
All guardians, large and small
are loosening their grip

Under the cover of night
we trudge on through the back streets of our souls
only to revisit death’s doorway
Hiding our foolish blunders the best we can
in the most exquisite of shadows
Our fears and sicknesses festering beneath the skin
Old wounds and telltale scars
show up under the bleak, relenting light
of hidden lamps, forgiving light in
secret, desperate rooms
which promise to never tell
While outside the stars
guide this wayward course
with timeless, glimmering legacies
Yet never blowing our cover

A pinkish-golden light
wrapped around the moon tonight
The same soft loving glow
I hope and pray is wrapped around your soul
The same beautiful hue
I see in my heart
when I think of your angel and you


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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13 Responses to Death & Nature

  1. Ben Naga says:

    You cover some much ground here, yet stitch each scene into a larger tapestry.

  2. some profound words here my unsungpoet! there are many which stand out to me.. “”While outside the stars guide this wayward course with timeless, glimmering legacies Yet never blowing our cover”” The stars are indeed guiding as they re-align now as in ancient times… Cycles are coming together as we revolve around forever growing in the experience amidst life and death.. Nature is giving us the signs as she lights our way with her glorious colours.. We but need to read her words and feel her spirit to know our journey is on its own course….

    Beautiful poem with wonderful photos… Sending you love and Blessings as I ask your patience in my delayed much over due visit .. LLP Sue xx

  3. Your friend is forever by your side Unsung! blowing on the wind~ Whistling on the Breeze! forever yours! love and blessings xx

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Thank you for this…much appreciated that you take the time to visit and respond. It’s great to hear from you!

      • I do get around In ‘Indian’ time evenutally my friend, it may take me a while as I have alot I visit, but I always love to ready your poems.. and see what photos you have added to them.. Inspiring they are.. Blessing sent. xx

  4. There are so many amazing lines in this post that I can hardly site them all, but this one stood out to me in power:

    “Sweetness empties
    into the void of generous death”

    The statement is so strong and magnificent that I wish I had written it. Your work is lovely, my friend.

  5. tshauambea says:

    First of all, the photographs are just so well captured; especially the first and last ones , well done 🙂

    Secondly; I know this comes from a place of grieving but it was beautifully crafted, I love it.

    Forgive me for the prolonged blogging absence

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