Ghost Poems

These few pieces are from one of my self-published poetry chapbooks, titled Ghost Poems:

Silent Gratitude

The wind shrieked and wailed
like never before
like it were whipping across
some imperishable plain
And on it rode in a ghostly saint
who stayed right behind me
all through the day
Just over my shoulder
watching my back
holding the door on my behalf
But when I turned in thanks
he was gone


Ghosts play in the rays
of light and shadow
which spin and dash through
corners and walls as
twilight befalls us
It’s as if they’ve just awakened
shaking groggy death from their eyes

Old Playground Testament

Wind sweeps across
the old playground
Stirring up lost trinkets
in rustic places
Summoning ancient thrones
of a thousand hearts
Ghosts dance over your crown
tugging on your hair
raising it up in spirals
like dust-devils spinning out
from the old ballfield
Carrying stories
to the whispering treetops
A thousand spectral voices
every heartbeat, a thousand more
Angels watch over
the infinite drama
For the ghosts here have always
haunted your dreams
Hiding, always, in shadows
Invisible chambers
of perfect memory
ever expanding
with migration of souls
Always, there were ghosts
still ageless legacies
And now, more ghosts






About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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27 Responses to Ghost Poems

  1. 7theaven says:

    Great shots. Good poem

  2. ” everyone you have ever know leaves part of themselves with you when they move on”

    Yes they do Unsung.. and they are forever connected via that invisible cord of love… each unique to its owner.. and they can home on in, when we give them a thought.. For they are only every a whisper apart…

    Beautiful poems here Unsung with some nostalgic photos

  3. PS ,, just spotted the ORBS too on one of your photo’s Lucky you xx 🙂

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Thanks! As always it’s great to hear from you and your deeply rich insights; you possess a wonderful capacity for seeing things as they truly are, for a deep knowing that nothing in this life, on this planet, in this galaxy is hardly ever what it seems…

  4. we just have to be ready when the times come. Yes–people come and go but what matter most is we live with harmony with each other and holding them close to our hearts. What a pondering thoughts!

  5. These are all so creative! I especially liked Angels In Training. A wonderful collection. I would be proud to have these published! Great work

  6. zumpoems says:

    What a highly expressive, intelligent set of poems on this topic. Would be great for a short song cycle. Wish I was still a music composition major — these would be so much fun to score for piano, clarinet (or viola), cello and alto.

    • Unsungpoet says:

      Wow…thank you kindly for the very high compliment and inspiring thought. When I was much younger I had the dream of teaming up with someone who was musically inclined, who could feel my poems and lyrics enough to put them to songs; I always thought it would have to be an almost magical, cosmic connection, as most of my stuff is very personal, and that if it was in the stars fate would bring us together. Well I guess it wasn’t ’cause it never really did happen, but I never stopped.

  7. Ben Naga says:

    Thanks for sharing this cycle. A good idea successfully brought to fruition. What else can we look forward to I wonder?

    • unsungpoet says:

      Good question, thanks for reading and commenting.

      • Ben Naga says:

        You are teasing then?

      • Unsungpoet says:

        I’m not sure I understand what you mean!

      • Ben Naga says:

        Sorry. I didn’t mean to be incoherent. As I enjoyed this sequence of earlier pieces, I was hoping you might be thinking of repeating this idea with more of your work. Hence my question: “What else can we look forward to I wonder?” When you replied, “Good question” rather than to responding to mine I was (am) still not clear whether you will publish further sequences of themed poems. Is my response to that any clearer now?

      • Unsungpoet says:

        Ahh yes…now I get what you mean…With your original question of “what else can we look forward to?..” I thought you meant, like, death, becoming “ghosts”, etc!! I did not know you meant in reference to my work…ha! ha! (Just a great big tease, I am!) I’ve thought about posting more poems from my chapbooks, but I’ve also got stacks and stacks of journals with pieces that have never seen the light of day, and another old manuscript I’ve thought about resurrecting here alongside my “Blue Star Exploding”…And then there’s the numerology…I’m not sure which to share next…Thank you, my friend, for your interest and for taking the time to communicate with me!

      • Ben Naga says:

        As long as you respond to my interest by sharing more of your fine work it looks like a win win situation to me. 😀

      • Unsungpoet says:

        Thank you; you’ve inspired me today…

  8. Yamyah says:

    the first picure is so very familiar…i cant put it in words ♥ touching poem…Love & hugs ~

    • unsungpoet says:

      It was taken at the old bathhouse ruins in Athens, Greece on my visit there about 6 years ago. Perhaps you’ve been there? Thanks for taking the time…much appreciated.

  9. Yamyah says:

    Greece…could be a memory from a past life as i have lived there before, long, long ago. ♥

  10. tshauambea says:

    Silent Gratitude and Angels in Training are my favourites although I think they’re all great poems.

    Old Playground Testament would actually make for an interesting video.

    I love your work Judith

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