Songs On The Cross



From one of my nine self-published chapbooks of poetry, titled Jewels In The Dust And Other Hidden Trinkets:

Jesus was a lovely man
Shining and humble, always so
willing to reach out a hand
to any fellow human who
might have crossed His path
Never flaunting His Holiness
Only living it natural
by His humblest means
because He wanted to
because it’s what he chose to do
He strived to meet every brother and sister
on earth that He possibly could
He wanted to know their passions and hungers
and would gladly take their toil upon His hands
be it an honored or lowly profession
He judged no one on their earth aspirations
and Himself, aspired to walk side by side
with every living soul who roamed this world
to truly feel for them and
understand what it meant
to bear their hearts
and He always forgave them
for any darkness there
A true man of compassion
beyond any level of patience and tenderness
we could ever envision or hope to experience
The purest child’s acceptance and love
The most precious salt of the earth
connected to all living creatures
He reveled in their glory
and wept in their deepest despair

Jesus was a lonely man
so misunderstood
by all of those around Him
Not only the kings and temple powers
But also those who claimed to know Him
Neighbors and teachers, followers and friends
Even His family, even as a little boy
so full of the cleanest energy
fairest heart of hearts
harboring the purest ideas
untainted and unequaled and yet
never embraced or fully comprehended
by His own lot in humanity
in His own day and time
Even His Apostles
Those who lived and breathed His lesson
didn’t quite get what He was saying
And, though well in meaning
they somehow managed to transmute
His message of hope
Kingdom of spirit
Will of simple
and undying love

Jesus was a lovely man
It’s a wonder any one of us
are worthy of His friendship
He lived through such sorrow
disappointment and rejection
and kept right on giving what
was only good and true
He gave up everything
every worldly opportunity
even His most treasured dreams
for the simple light shining inside
so that we may someday, by His example
understand its true meaning
Everything He did
was for this golden purpose
Even in death
never abusing His golden ability
Never rising up with force
to save Himself
He instead just hung there quietly
singing songs on the cross


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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8 Responses to Songs On The Cross

  1. sorealtonight says:

    Hey there! 🙂

    Just thought I would let you know that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! If you want to learn more about it you can by just clicking here:


  2. beautiful words and wonderful photos..
    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas Unsung.. and an ever brighter and better 2012.. Love and Blessings.. Sue~Dreamwalker xx

    Many thanks for all your comments upon my posts xxx

  3. Benjamin Norris says:

    This is special… I liked it very much.

  4. incredible! love the structure flow and content.

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