Moon Through The Pines (For My Best Friend)

Full moon rises up through the pines
My love I am missing you so much tonight
But you had to go, this I know
and escorting you up to the threshold
has been the greatest honor of my life
And I know you’re with the angels now, with your beloved
But oh I miss you, miss you, miss you so
My heart and soul is burning, is so heavy with sorrow sadness guilt remorse and grief but shining through
from somewhere beneath these storeloads of despair
is a glimmer of reassurance, of the truest love
unpretentious, unpremeditated, without condition
shining, glowing warmly there
And I pray that you feel it too
and that your soul has been emptied
of what may have hurt you or weighed you down
Cleansed and lightened, again as a little child
You’re a good man, good heart, good soul
deserving so much of all that is good and pure
God bless you, Jesus hold your hands
Angels wings wrap ’round you and glide through your spirit
Have peace, my sweet
I praise the day you came into my life, so long ago
And I praise the day that you reentered my world
cherish and adore every strand of our cosmic connection
on every inbetween, for better or worse, arcane or bizarre
You said:  “It’s not too little too late
It’s just enough, right on time”
We had a wild ride, didn’t we baby?
We had some crazy good times, unforgettable, indescribable
Who would ever believe anyhow?
You did good, sweetheart, you did real good
I’m so very proud
My best friend, the best I’ve ever had
Best lover, king of hearts, my shelter
like a daddy or brother…and now…husband, how we joked and played!
But I’ll proudly wear your name, my friend
I’ll wear it proud til the end of my days
The moon, so round and bright
now stands straight up in the center of the dark sky
There’s a void in the center of my chest
my stomach, throat and heart
a giant hole through all that I am
Like I said before:  you don’t read my mind, you are my mind
and now the light is so faintly shining through
like that old moon through the pines
But God how I miss you, my dear sweet
I miss you so much tonight


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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8 Responses to Moon Through The Pines (For My Best Friend)

  1. Love like yours will never end.. in fact this vale that seperates us is just the beginning… and that cord of mind/love will unite you for all of time.. Each thought you send he hears for it is sent upon your love vibration, a cord which can not be severed, which will tie you together for all eternity.. so do no sorrow for he goes first in order to prepare.. and I cannot help but send you my own thoughts of comfort, for when we lose someone so close we need time to heal..
    Listen to wind in the pines, listen back to your thoughts, see the signs he sends everyday as you turn on a favourite record, flip through a book.. His words echo back silent but strong.. we but need to see and read the signs we are sent from those whom we love..
    Love and Blessings to you and I hope you do not mind me saying these words.. Dreamwalker xx

  2. I feel this so deep in my soul. There is someone I miss tonight, much like this. A friend that cannot be replaced, and these words touch me. Thank you for sharing

    • unsungpoet says:

      Thank YOU for sharing this with me….I can tell by your very touching writings that you would understand and empathize with such emotions and state of mind, and your poems have brought me a bit of comfort at this time when there seems to be none.

  3. Benjamin Norris says:

    its lovely, really lyrical. I miss my home, on days like this… I’ve been away for a long time and your poetry is solace

  4. geezergirl1 says:

    oh… my friend, that is so lovely. I am sorry for you loss. And how wonderful that you can let your heart role the love out in gentle words. I pray for you and send you light.
    xo jeanne

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