Believe It

It’s easy to feel as though we’ve not made as much as a little scratch of a difference
on this planet or in anybody’s life, that no one’s life is any different
none all the richer, no the better for or inspired for having crossed with ours
It’s easy to feel this way, like we haven’t brought a thing much worth reckoning
into this world, into anybody’s world, their heart, their most cherished perceptions
But I think we have, we have indeed
I think we do everyday, more than we realize
Believe it, hold it, thrive on it
Believe it like your life depends on it:
With every prayer or gesture, the slightest kindness
every emotion or sentiment shared
With each and every encounter, in dreams or on the street
every fleeting affection or lasting connection
With every friendship, disagreement or fight, departure in love or betrayal
With your most cherished expressions and deepest loyalties
everything you are, have done or have ever been
feeds into the whole, the good of humanity
more than you’ll probably ever know


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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21 Responses to Believe It

  1. tshauambea says:

    Oh Judith, this is so well written; I know how much this means to you and from where it was rooted. You’re so right, we touch so many lives yet we don’t notice that we do; just like you do with your writing.

    My his soul rest in peace

  2. Cricket Myles says:

    How true my friend, how true, love you!!

  3. David King says:

    So true, so much in need of frequent saying and seldom said as well.

  4. Samanthamj says:

    I believe it… Thank you for the reminder, and for believing it too…

    Glad to have stumbled into your space here…. I think I’m going to like it here. =)

  5. zumpoems says:

    Hear! Hear! Yes, our impact, positive or negative is so much greather than we normally realize — when one looks at how a chain of events unfolds, it becomes clear the power in the actions of all of us. Wonderfully written — great, positive slant!

  6. Lovely; very heartfelt.

  7. Really a well thought out blog Judith, it came from deep within and it was like a breath of fresh air…Thought I’d return the favour and visit your world…Bless you for sharing…Lynn 🙂

  8. I couldnt have said it any better .. Each moment we share is a moment precious and its never wasted.. Even those moments of seemingly negative emotions are there for a reason, if not for our lesssons they are there for others.. If only we could learn to live each moment as if it were indeed our last.. How differently then I hope we would treat each other..
    Forgive me for taking ages to get around to you unsungpoet.. but your poems and writings are far from ‘Unsung’… in fact they are highly praised..
    🙂 ~Dreamwalker

    • PS…. love that you LOVE Cats too.. I kept cats nearly all my life.. 🙂

      • unsungpoet says:

        Thank you for your kind words, also your words of wisdom…I have always tried to live each day as if it were my last one on earth; sounds rather morbid to some, but for me I don’t want to cross that bridge with a bunch of heavy guck on my conscience and in my heart. Also, it’s important to be kind and loving to those in our lives, even when they completely piss us off!…because, as I’ve learned, any chosen day may be the last day that we see them in the flesh and blood. I do love all animals, but am especially partial to cats, and even moreso to my beloved housecat who I adore!

  9. Our actions do make a difference, and we control whether that is positive or negative.

  10. geezergirl1 says:

    I honor the path you walk Judith. What a rich soul you have. We are all in the Oneness.
    peace be with you…

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