Crossing The Bridge




The smell of distant rolling rain surrounds and comforts me
The wind thrashes ancient rubbish, skeleton of a city
rattling like bones in the great dusk
Screaming traffic sounds rise up with music into angel air
Like souls speaking, spontaneous stories
The universe explains itself
through the radio waves that fill my car
Transcends all time and space
Brings me to a place
where everything is sacred and familiar
where even the weakness, the terror and pain
are drenched in magic
and a rightful part of everything
As I cross the bridge
a sparkling haze pours in from a front far out at the sea’s horizon
Hiding everything, concealing familiar landscapes and old truths
and then washing them away in secrecy
Ancestors float there, pieces of the cause of my life here
Ancestors from a bouquet of lives
Spirits whose blood I’ve shared, or maybe didn’t
People I’ve known who are with the great ancestors now
They travel on these currents
Riding with the elements now and always
Fog continues to spill over the sky
in a perfectly graceful, swirling, sliding wall of ether
Swallowing the blue in one perfect gulp
It follows me home like ghosts
fills my day with aquatic magic
floats away the burning moment
I’ll float on it to you, my love, my heart
I’ll float to you tonight
And the magic of our legacy will live forever
You are as familiar to me as a childhood song
as the blood that flows in my veins
as the spirit through my heart
I’ll float to you again and again in our dreams
The ones you don’t remember
The ones which left us drenched
in the essence of one another
It comforts my soul so much to know
that you have always loved me
since I was still barely a child
Through all of those decades
And, well, I guess we had to go our own way
All of those chaotic miles 
So many karmic webs to retrace
Through it all I always felt your joy and desperation
Embraced the little boy you were
touched that in my own crazy manner
and then disappeared into my crazy future
my own destructive nature
And though you tried to drown yourself in Earth’s nectar
I kept running back to you, time and again, then floating away
And I know you never stopped loving me despite all of that
even when you ignored me in my dreams
I never stopped going back to you, ever
We have always spoken to one another in silence, and blindly
Though our bodies, then and now, absent from one another
Our worlds have always been connected with glowing strands of spirit
of all that is, objects, symbols, lighting up our rooms
I visit your house of auric splendor
whispering calmly in your ears, rapping impatiently on doors
until you have to somehow be listening, till you can ignore it no more
Every little action between us, whether disasterous or brilliant
was performed in, with and because of the most undeniably ruthless love
Purest of love
The kind that makes everything magic
Makes every brutal reality simply a part of the rainbow
swirling, colorful spectrum of souls
Our souls have always been one
We didn’t will it that way, it’s never been under our control
Yet so amazingly orchestrated
The perfect calamity because
it’s always been about love
Though we’ve tried to stray
it’s never been anything else
even as you bravely approached the threshold
you crossed the bridge, you had to go
It’s never been about anything other than love
The silent mists keep pouring in here
Settling down upon the cold ground
turning the hills blue
christening my lonely sorrow and the most elusive of mysteries
I’ll be floating out on it and so
look for me tonight, my love
Look for my poisoned heart
This love is the medicine that will save us
Look for me tonight my sweet
because I’ll be floating out over endless skylines
I’ll be floating out, always
I’ll be floating back to you




About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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16 Responses to Crossing The Bridge

  1. I love how this appeals to so many of the human senses. You’re a very good poet; you should post your poems more often. I’m sorry I haven’t visited in a while life has been busy.

  2. Cricket Myles says:

    Judi, your an Angel from above…I just Love you, always will!!

  3. This is such a poignant poem… with many memories inter-wound it holds so much love and sadness too…. and made my eyes weep.. We Will all cross that Bridge someday… Sending you my Blessings this day of 11:11:11… A day of New Beginnings..

  4. Arjun Sharma says:

    Hey nice post 🙂 do drop by my blog sometime. thanks

  5. This is truly epic. The scale and depth of this is so immersive–I am drawn in from the opening lines by your vivid wording. A truly beautiful composition

  6. David King says:

    There is so much that is good here, but I was particularly enthralled by the universe explaining itself through the radio. And even more so by:
    Ancestors float there, pieces of the cause of my life here
    Ancestors from a bouquet of lives
    Tremendous writing!

  7. Unsungpoet, your last post about the passing away of your husband truly sombered my heart. It must be very hard for you. I hope that you are recoving well and that you can use your writing as a way to express the inner emotions of your soul. After learning about your husband’s death I took it upon myself to write a sonnet, that I’m posting at this instant, about losing a loved one . I’ll dedicate this to you and to anyone who has suffered the grief of death. May you find peace.

  8. Samanthamj says:

    So much wonderful imagery in this… capturing such a vast array of emotions and thoughts…

    It’s never easy…..

    This was beautiful. Thank you.

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