Number Three: Our Inner Child

In numbers philosophy whereas 1 represents the male or Yang principle and 2 encompasses the female or Yin state of being, number three then stands for the offspring of that union and is likened to youth and childlike energy.  The fact that 3 reflects the miracle of life and creation itself is evident of its creative tendencies.  But it is also a very artistic vibration and is reminiscent of all forms of craft or creativity.

There are many symbols in our world and the universe, inner and outter space so to speak, which personify the incredible numeral 3:  the life-offering trio of Earth, Moon and Sun; the geometrics of ancient pyramids in all their mysterious splendor; 3 components to a living cell….the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  3 completes the process of birth, of a live being or an idea.  Number 1 stands alone and stands for the whole, 2 branches off from there into the concept of duality and balance of opposites while number 3 breaks out even further and represents variation; sprouting through that protective layer of the universal womb and taking the process of existence to a whole new level involving fresh, virgin growth.  Like the quiet and delicate rumblings of a brand new plant pushing through Earth’s surface veil of soil; like a baby being born, leaving his nullified, calm, complacent zone in order to become something that has never before been witnessed.

3’s color is bright, sunny yellow–some perceive it as golden–and its coinciding gemstones are topaz and light, clear amber.  The third chakra is the one in the area of the stomach or solar plexus, and is certainly the center spiral of any living being:  the pure core of expression and passion and inspired energy from which all else blossoms and shines. 

3 has been accused of being somewhat frivolous, irresponsible, definately non-practical and concerned primarily with the frilly side of life.  But it is jacketed as such only because of its light and playful disposition.  Number 3 is the embodiment of imagination and fantasy, fairyland and Christmastime and any degree of delighted surprise.  It is the mischevious, energetic child within us all wanting to come out and play.


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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6 Responses to Number Three: Our Inner Child

  1. There are definitedly many symbols in the universe; you just have to know how to find them. Interesting about the number 3; I suppose if I see it anytime soon it’ll be a sign of something. Your numerology is quite fasinating.

  2. geezergirl1 says:

    3… that number of creativity.. The Empress. Inclusive and exclusive. a lovely trinity. I see that triangle a lot in my life. I like it..

  3. Paul Goode says:

    Hi, unsung. Thanks for dropping by 365 Days of Emmylou Harris. The blog has fulfilled its mission, but we continue to welcome new listeners.

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