The Temple

Our hearts burn glorious in heaven
through pain & suffering indescribable
through darkness & poisonous misunderstanding
Our ravaged hearts lie crowned with hope
Hidden away safe in a high room
encased with the kindest golden light
Meanwhile, the streets roll on
Beautiful & mean, full of life & the living
& the waking dead
Overflowing with so many shades of light & darkness
Dark soldiers huver over desparate souls
Crouching like crazed brutes
waiting in doorways & stoops
You can learn to walk through the land of the unliving
Learn which corners to avoid
from the corner of your eye
When to walk faster
Which blocks to slide by
You can even walk among them
But you must walk within all that’s good
your love shields sound & secure
Do not hesitate, just walk on
Don’t leave yourself open
to the dismal forces that surround each step
Don’t peer into the portals
of underworld’s mortals
Dark children clawing at your consciousness
Don’t let them come parading
ready to writher through any hole
Sometimes there’s strength in union
sometimes this is just not so
& to save your secret heart
you must get on down the road
Down the lonely street
that keeps on rolling
Down the alleyways
through the rarest of shadows
where sad monsters hide
where a battered soul can only continue its stride
You keep on walking
Keep on, walking on
Stepping through a dice game
Comes up sixes as your foot lands
Cards scattered on the pavement
Wind blows up all the nines
(or were they sixes?)
Walking over bad coins, worthless rotted money
Past gumball machines from a time
when those pennies & nickels meant something
Walking past bargain stores
Lovely cheap trinkets from the world over
Ancient decrepid theaters transformed into dusty bazaars
still full of mystery
& somebody’s childhood memories
A kid on a bike high tails it down the way
You dodge him just in time
Children running in dirty circles
Playing & screaming obliviously on stained sidewalks
Old man leans in the gateway at the same time every evening
with cocktail in hand
Watching the traffic, watching the havoc
Third world, first world, second
forth, fifth, sixth, seventh
Star people undercover from the heavens
Demons popping up from the netherlands
caressing your goose bumps
with hungry spider web hands
It’s all there, on these streets
The streets keep rolling on
now & ever, without end
& so you keep on walking
keep walking on, my friend
Dodging assorted shit on the way
hopping from foot to foot
like a grossly weird hopscotch game
Dodging flying spitwads & crack pipe beggars
You learn quick how
You learn to hold your nose passing over the sewers
& to hold your breath around certain bends
Someone will walk by & bless you for Jesus
& then just as soon a twisted hand
will reach out to drag you into despair
Vampires wait against corner building walls
dying to pull you into their lair
But you walk on
through the sanctity of your hopelessness
Nothing can touch you
because you’ve tasted the most gruesome of evil 
existed under fear’s worst by-product
& if anyone tries to harm you now
you know you’ll just heal them
or if you have to, kill them
Wind screeches & spirals out of control
kicking up ghosts aslumber
from rustic backyards & crumbling dens
Pulling in the fog & pulling out secrets
Swirling around your ankles
Blowing trash in your face
Moldy fruit picked too early from the vine
stacked in dirty produce stands
Hard as a rock, yet rotting
Ice chest enterpreneurs
selling hotdogs & tamales on the sidewalk
Low grade hookers peddling their tarnished wares
Cracked, ruddy skeletons hanging in doorwells
waiting for you to go wrong
One of them counts grimy dollar bills
while singing the Mister Roger’s neighborhood song
Organic river of insanity
Continuum of forgotten humanity
never once slacking
The mallard duck dude knows how to talk
but prefers quacking
Fruit tree blossoms fall onto blood-splattered pavement
Brightening stained alleys
Decorating the carcasses
Flower vendors furnish fresh colors for a cheap price
You purchase several bundles
to place on your spirit’s graveside
Off key gospel tune drifts humbly though wasteland parcels
Fragrances of magnolia & night jasmine
mingle with the stench of piss
Cannabis smoke wafts up through the rafters
Spilling over from peeling balconies & back landings
Making everything glow like ether
Neighborhood mascots who’ve passed over to the great beyond
lingering in old haunts with kind souls now who roam
Playing & darting like clandestine gnomes
The old Mission glows in the distance
Spirits squirm, candles burn
Prayers rise up & evaporate
into the heat of the money machine
sitting atop an ancient creek
laden down now with concrete but still flowing
& still singing an old village tune
Seeping into walls of the basement rooms
of curious establishments, macabre museums
Displaying your most cherished memories
& most anguished inner visions
Outside the traffic howls with indecision
Motorcycles rumble
Sirens wail & scream
Gunshots snapping off like fireworks
through carnival music & salsa beats
The subway wind tunnel roar & screech
rises up from concrete abyss
disappears into a million voids
Meanwhile, uptown
a lone acapella voice
sings songs of your childhood
echoing through steel & glass corriders
Bouncing off of skyscrapers
in the base of the surreal forest
Tourists flock & intermingle
with various hustlers, activists & thieves
Panhandlers venture up from crack alley
on another day’s scouting
The ultimate quest, another hit
& as long as that’s it
their trouble will never leave them
Mad street urchins
existing in forgotten crevasses
Conduit to the voodoo that seeps down there
& settles into the heart of a city
built on wayward hope & distant dreams of a lost, sacred land
Let the evil spells spin past you
Let them roll on & disappear in your wake
Because your heart lies enshrined & safe
within the most brilliant light of all
Blazing fiercely within temple walls
Untouchable, unreachable, unharmed & going strong
immune to the darkness
& so you walk on















About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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14 Responses to The Temple

  1. Tshauambea says:

    This poem evokes imagery, your choice of words and their arrangement forces one to visualize and the images below force one to compare them to the images that they came up while reading the poem.

    I will repeat, the fact that you’re an unsung poet is an injustice to the world

    • unsungpoet says:

      That is basically what I was striving for; everything was a part of what I heard, saw, felt, smelled, tasted, etc. but this one has been inside of me for some years and ready. Thank you kindly for your feedback here and your very high compliment!

  2. shiningcityonthehill says:

    I must re-tweet this…. you connect the soul to the pen to the eye flawlessly. x

  3. I’m not critic, but I KNOW this is a great piece! A little long, but only because it so vividly conjures up a vision… Describing every single thing, finding the significance in it. Wonderful!

  4. This poem walks one through the streets of life…. and yes we see and hear, taste, all that hum-drum busy wild world offers and we retreat within a shell of your last sentence .. ” and so you walk on”.. I wonder how many of us in life walk on by….. and let the world keep on screaming..! .. We are all of us guilty of that… For we all wish to find that Temple within, that Sanctuary to find that peace away from the realities of the Darkness which lurks around every corner… would we but stop and look .. And yet within all of that.. there is the LIGHT.. How many of us search out that Light and let it light their path..
    A very inspiring poem.. with beautiful images to go with it also.. you have a very interesting Blog here… Thank you for coming along to Dreamwalkers Sanctuary ..

  5. This piece is beyond anything I’ve read. I am too stunned for words – I feel for once that my too-smart mouth has no words to utter. I will do my absolute best to put the same burning passion I can feel here – my gratitude is beyond words.
    Thank you, too, for commenting on my work – I am so privileged to have such a talented artist to do so.

    • unsungpoet says:

      Thank you for the very sweet compliments…I hope that you keep on with your art, you have an amazing talent, and keep on being your straight-talking self! Your opinions are highly valuable girlfriend!

  6. A mindbending epic of a poem. This literally took me to another world and created an atmosphere so real I felt as though I had just seen a movie about it. My favorite line was “Dark children clawing at your consciousness” You have such a gift. Epic work!

    • unsungpoet says:

      Ahhh…thank you so much for reading this and for your wonderful comments…Your response brightened my hour; the fact that you felt as though you were right there is the highest compliment I could receive for this piece of work! Very kind!

  7. Oh! I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that I’d commented twice on this piece. I did think that I had already read the poem, for some reason, and I did! I never pay much attention to titles, you see, but really, it was so entrancing I read it again without realizing! You truly have a gift…

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