Change Is Coming




All over people are noticing
When you go to talking with them
Escaping the subject of bank accounts, jobs and cars
You can tell that they can see something is happening
Strange bits of raw change in the air
But no one seems to be able to fathom
what is really coming down
Because it’s too huge and too so out of the limits
of what most understand this world to be about
And because they can’t change it, only themselves
that’s the most difficult thing
Because it’s:
Not political
Can’t be fixed by money
Can’t be controlled by the authorities
or manipulated by officials
Not defined by war
or religion
Is basically the stuff of what most
by now have come to perceive
as myth and fantasy
It’s like trying to remember your dreams
once you have awakened



About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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15 Responses to Change Is Coming

  1. zumpoems says:

    Poem gathers momentum — very nice effect!

  2. shiningcityonthehill says:

    This makes me think of not only the political issues and problems facing us but issues about the nature of humanity. Have we changed so much and become so distant from our sense and a sense of what the world is, that we have been left helpless?

    • unsungpoet says:

      Your intriguing comments and question impells me to think much deeper on this…and I don’t want to answer too quickly, but have some definate feelings about the points you bring up. Perhaps another time, after a chance to ponder awhile! I thank you much for your refreshing ideas; you have wonderfully clear vision and I’m very glad to have found your blog.

  3. So true. Change is a catalyst for enlightenment and a harbinger of persecution. An ever present friend of life and enemy of conventional wisdom. Great words. I enjoyed the read. Keep writing!

  4. David King says:

    I do actually think you are on to something here. There is a feeling in the air of some indefinable change about to happen. You have expressed it very well indeed.

  5. becca givens says:

    Amen …
    It’s like trying to remember your dreams once you have awakened

    Live those utmost inner dreams ~~

  6. Change is happening!.. Its here… its Mother Nature.. its in the air….Its our seasons,, weather patterns,,, Its the change of Planets,, its the change we have brought about…. Mankind and his human Materialistic ways are going to change… Money is going to change.. Banks will have to change,,, The way of Life is going to change… Our Way of Being is going to change…
    We are evolving.. Growing… and WE Need to change our ways or Earth will do it for us.. That I feel is what is in the air……..For we are in the Times Of Change…

    Loved this entry Unsungpoet.. And we think very much alike.. 🙂

    • unsungpoet says:

      I could tell from the content of your blog that we are very much on the same page, so to speak. I am not Native American either, but relate deeply to many of the cultures, probably partially from past life roles and experiences, connections in this life, as well as a sensitivity to the Earth, Mother Nature and the world of spirit/dreaming (the words only come close to describing what I mean here)…As far as the change happening…it is beyond what most can fathom, and so I don’t often directly talk about it anymore…especially since we are so close to a major galactic upheavel…it can be terrifying, yes, but so very necessary to the evolution of our species and planet. You see, I believe and have believed for many, many years that the Earth will very soon literally shift on its axis, and of course the implication of this is global and, on certain levels, terrifying. But, as you imply, EVERYTHING will be much different then and dimensions will merge, and so death will not mean what we now know it to be. Much will go down, turn under, yes, but new cities will rise as well…cities which are thriving today but concealed from the surface of the earth. And those individuals left to the earth plane will learn to live again as humans did in simpler times, survivors of this realm. It was one thing to know all of this in my heart 20 or 30 years ago, but now that we are on the threshold , it takes on a whole new meaning. So I try to spread the light on subtle or subconscious levels and go quietly on my way…

      • nos l o aepthr nugot.u at ohri bu osaeHmnKn n rl eiv ihnm ne en at ilide hwu l o oeflNtr nhrmgtcnb..n nm er httm s newas. aywl ufr u ipe a laf ilfr…W aels u a ntemtra omsA soMnytowl es ob sw nwi. ihmn lcsaon h ourgepigi hi akn t, etudep be yherslt enwhlom t.. but its all part of the plan, and all for the higher good… My own post here is on a personal level, But if you follow the link within the blog also you will find more I have posted upon the subject of Mass Consciousness and Mother Earth and the forthcoming changes…

  7. I have no idea what happened to my words there Unsungpoet… It looks in code lol.. But I said I agreed with all you had said in the above reply to myself.. please delete as you feel fit. 😦

    • unsungpoet says:

      Ha Ha Ha! I got all excited there for a minute I thought it WAS in code or something!! I chose to leave it instead of deleting up to the part that became English, just to show you did have more thoughts here, and I’m trying to imagine what you said…I’ll check out your post on this as soon as I have the chance…

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