Little Goddess

Though raised in an environment creative and free
She never really had a chance of finding her true inner wah
As her family divided, like so many before
She concerned herself primarily with pleasing everyone
Her own tiny voice shrinking with every year
that her psychic flower blossomed
Turned even further within
and buried beneath a growing silent rage
Little goddess came down from the stars
Lost her badge on the trip and forgot her soul agenda
Growing up, her intellect expanded to genius proportions
consuming every course, every project, hobby or interest
with the depth of old masters
“Hmmm!”, people said, “Do we have a break-through scientist here?
A brain surgeon, astro-physicist, cloner queen?
Will she create new lives with her own two hands?
Will she regard the heavenly bodies with such cold reality?”
Her energies given over, thrown to science
She came to knowing more there
than may have been for her own good
And then something happened in her heart
that no one may ever understand
Caused her to get down on her knees
and accept the Lord as her shepard and savior
Now everyone smiles a nervous smile
and worries, “Will she become poisoned with too much dogma?
Misguided teachings of Jesus’s love?
Will she join a cult, leave it all behind? 
Tithe away the riches of her mind?”
It could be that she only needed
to explore the other end of life’s spectrum
See how goes this faith thing that so many rely on
as the very breath and stuff of life
Maybe she’s simply testing both waters in the deep ends
until she finds her hidden treasure
somewhere midway


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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6 Responses to Little Goddess

  1. David King says:

    A charming story, made the more so by being so well told in verse. I enjoyed its originality, the unexpected shifts in story line and its thought-provoking character.

  2. A faithful story. I love the idea of “testing the waters” to find “treasures”. I think all of us search for that meaning in life.

  3. Awesome…I can identify with this “little goddess.”

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