Number Two: Lady in Waiting











While number 1 is aggressive, forward and rather dominating, 2, on the other hand, is a patient, gentle and empathetic vibration.  It is the Yin to 1’s Yang, primarily of the female frequencies; moon goddess in all her reflective glory.  2 is a kind and compassionate number, always on an altruistic wavelength, always trying to figure out what it can do for others, putting the good of the other guy ahead of itself.

The number 2 relys heavily on rythym and rhyme, a strong sense of time, and holds fast to the understanding that timing is everything in life.  As far as 2 is concerned, what will be will be, and what is, is; tripping over oneself to attain or achieve anything will never fly in this world.  For 2, the key is to have enough quieted stillness within and be comfortable enough with oneself and one’s immediate affairs to simply wait back in the wings and deal with each situation at hand, until its ultimate due is delivered to the doorstep by those mysterious yet steadfast currents of fate.  This can be misconstrued as a lack of ambition or as laziness; when it is really nothing more or less than the inner wisdom that everything will indeed unfold as it should.  Whereas the number 1 encompasses the vision of all components within a system being connected and operating together as a single unit, 2 focuses on polarity and represents the duality of any given balance of opposites.  2 holds a more intricate view of reality; maintains the ability to break down any situation into multiple working parts while it closely scrutinizes all separated, intricate pieces of the whole.

The number vibration of 2 corresponds, of course, with the 2nd chakra power point of the human (or animal) astral field; the energy center located just above the base of the tailbone, in the pelvic area.  The 2nd chakra is tied in with the sexual energies and represents passion and rebirth as well.  It’s coinciding gemstones are carnelian, topaz, citrine and amber; its color on the rainbow spectrum being orange or crimson.

If patterns of 2 happen to keep probing through the surface of your world, then a part of the message may likely be that no matter what you are doing or how off the beaten path you have found yourself, rest assured that you are on the right track.  In this case, it would serve you well to try to relax, go with the flow and wait out any pending current issue or plan.





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4 Responses to Number Two: Lady in Waiting

  1. Mama Zen says:

    This is so cool! Thanks!

  2. Very interesting. I don’t know much about numerology so I learned something new!!!

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