Walking Alone

I walk the streets and dark piers, alone
My footsteps spiraling up from cracked pavement to ether
All the eras of reminiscing
the endless reflection, pastel memories
All the loss slides effortlessly past me now
through blustery corriders of the infinite night
to a place where longing and fury is tempered
Where unsung passions are silenced and still
then reborn as hope
and belonging in the cosmic sceme of things


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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2 Responses to Walking Alone

  1. I love the line about “pastel memories” because it gives a great image about something that’s starting to fade. Alot of feeling put into such a short poem; also had you meant to put the word “unsung” in your poem or was it just a coincidence (was to make a connection with your name “unsungpoet”)?

    • unsungpoet says:

      Poet of Midnight, you have been awesome in your thoughtful and articulate feedback…Thank you!..It really means a lot to me…You read this poem very much how it was intended. I wrote it long before I started this blog or came up with its name so I guess the word “unsung” is a coincidence…or maybe I had it stored in my subconscience!

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