It never ceases to amaze and dumbfound me
the way supposed high-ranking officials of society
spend so much time and all that money
to prove things that any thinking, feeling being can know
through common sense and a little bit of faith in their perceptions
Science, medicine, metaphysics, the human condition
Whatever it may be, once the marketers, the media
once Hollywood takes hold, the subject
suddenly becomes approved, branded REALITY
when thousands, maybe millions have arrived at the
very same conclusion as to what is real
in the light of their own room
 within their quiet, humble lair
ANYTHING is possible
Anything can happen
and most certainly has
This world, let alone the
galaxy it rolls around in, not
to mention the eternity of space…
is a very mysterious place
We could not even begin to uncover
what phenomenon lies over the next horizon
If you want to come close
Look into your heart

I guess I’m just a nostalgic creature
Always looking to what has been
All the unspoken stories
countless tales of antiquity
Looking back to my childhood and to lives beyond
Always drawn to the old-fashioned way of things:
If I was born a hundred years ago
I would be pining over the simplicity
of one hundred years before that
If I was born in the year one thousand
I would likely be passionate about the year ten
And if I was around during that time
I’d be all reminiscent of primitive days
If I lived in a cave in some prehistoric society
I’d probably be sitting around on a rock and
wondering about those ancient godlike beings
Because time is not really drawn out in lines like
we think, like we are so found of measuring
It has all happened before
and will indeed happen again
In this way, we can surely time-travel
Because the history of life on Earth
is just a state of mind, with no boundaries
Come to think of it, when it comes right down to it
there is really not much difference
between inner and outer space

Perhaps the ultimate Earth memory
for a sentimental person like me
is the golden era of Lemuria and Atlantis:
the days of timelessness
Maybe I will never rest
in missing something that sacred
no matter how far back, or forward
I were to set my sights

What I miss right now about life on this planet
(as compared to this facsimile of a system we
have lodged ourselves down into)
is the pre-computerized day
when the art of living, communicating, expressing, creating
was all an organic affair
And the crowds were just enough to get lost in
 to adventure throughout 
Not so much to trample your dreams or your very existence

They put it on trick posters, bumper stickers, greeting cards
they take note of it in sermons
and charge big money to tell in seminars
But it’s very simple, invincible and free
The truth is there waiting for anyone to see:
There is no future
It’s just one continual moment
And in this light the past never really dies
just becomes hidden facets of our soul                                                                                 


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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6 Responses to Untitled

  1. A very thoughtful post. Very poetic and philosophical….. (not sure if I spelled that word correctly).

  2. Old Raven says:

    I like the manner in which you think and write. You seem to be able to state the obvious … the truthiness of life … life’s reality (that is not so pleasant) without judgement. You are truthful, yet hopeful. You are irreverent yet hold a certain reverence for life. It all seems to roll off the tongue with ease. Very nice to have met you. Love the cat. Love black cats. Now it can’t be summer and winter at the same time … where are the photos from?

    • unsungpoet says:

      Thanks ever so much for your kind comments, it’s nice to have met you as well! The first 2 photos are of a Greek Island called Hydra which I visited about 6 years ago; the second 2 are Angel Island in the San Francisco (CA) Bay and old ship in Aquatic Park, SF; the last 2 are Lake County, CA, my awesome housecat (who I adore!) tripping on the snowflakes! (The picture before the poem is Athens, Greece)

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