Blackboard The Size of Manhattan

Deep in the glowering heart of the city
in the core nexus meltdown of humanity
I wander lonely streets
where concious dreams spill out around me
where light and flesh collide
into a surreal fluid potpourri of naked emotion
And all of this is one great void
to a heart that’s not right

I’m drifting through the blackness of space
where any worldly comfort
is only a distant faded memory
disappearing like the stars that spin past me
Dying specks of amber in the infinite night

Within this strange state of being
we call the universe
where the amount of years that it takes
for a star to expire
or a planet to bear life
is a number with enough zeros
to fill a blackboard the size of Manhattan
I can’t imagine anything
having any importance at all
but whether or not
your heart beats true

About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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4 Responses to Blackboard The Size of Manhattan

  1. Cricket Myles says:

    Great … this is my hood! I’m impressed … Cricket

  2. It was creative how you incorporated the title in your poem. In the ending lines, “I can’t imagine anything/ having any importance at all/ but whether or not/ you heart beats true.”; I got the sense that the poem was saying that whether or not there’s meaning in life it doesn’t matter, be happy to be alive and enjoy it while you can. I don’t know if that’s the meaning you intended but either way nice poem. The pictures add a great touch to it. I’m guessing that they’re suppose to be of Manhattan.

    • unsungpoet says:

      Thanks for reading and sharing with me! What I meant was that in the vast eternity of the universe where everything is consantly turning in on itself and all of our worlds are just basically swirling dust, all that really matters is a person’s true intentions, the energy in their heart. But I like your interpretation too, it made me stop and think. The photos are Manhattan, and across the river from!…I took them from the top of the Empire State building about 8 years ago.

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