Number One: The Warrior

As previously mentioned within my “Maiden Voyage” and “A Deeper Look at Numbers” entries, in the language of numerology each and every number contains a living vibration cognizant to all that is.  In order to discover the core vibration of multiple digit numbers, all of the characters must be added down to a single representative.  For example: the sum of 223=2+2+3=7; so the primary function of 223 is 7.  Or, the number 68=6+8=14=1+4=5, the core digit.  In other words, every existing numeral sum eventually renders to a singular from the base scale of 1 through 9, which is essentially the backbone of numbers philosophy.  (This is not counting zero, as zero is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end in itself and does not affect the sum or principle of the other numbers; only brings them to another level).

And so the base of the numerological scale would naturally be 1:  the initiator and leader.  1 rings of independence, individuality and solitude, yet also illustrates the inevitable unity of all things, the great collaborator, complete unit.  A key function of this number is expanded vision; the ability to see the grand picture in any given situation, how everything is indeed and always will be connected.  Its vibration signifies the whole, or “hole”:  the master void where all life force and drive is seeded.

1 is also symbolized by the sun, the Yang energy in the Yin Yang balance of eternal opposites.  Let it be known here that any reference to male or female energies within numbers knowledge does not necessarily imply sexual connotations as we traditionally perceive them.  Rather, the masculine and feminine concepts describe such states of being on a universal, symbolic level.  1 symbolizes aggression, determination and new beginnings.  It encompasses the reality of violence as a necessary element to regeneration and renewal, like lightening bolt power from an untamed, untouchable source, it destroys to rebuild; like a Phoenix Bird rising from the ashes.

1’s frequency corresponds with the gemstones ruby, garnet and bloodstone  (This, of course, is not written in stone–no pun intended–and there is a certain amount of flux and play to all interpretations).  It represents the base chakra of our invisible or astral bodies, that energy center which keeps us grounded to the planet and in our lives.  On the rainbow spectrum, its color is red:  fiery passion, blood, the life-giver as well as taker.  1 is the ancient warrior aiming its arrows at the sun, forever pushing on forward to new plateaus and conquering all that blocks its path.  It is an impatient number and never waits its turn; rather, goes out and makes its turn, fearlessly taking all it feels it has coming along the way.


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