A Deeper Look at Numbers

Most people grew up with numbers as a way of counting, measuring and keeping track.  Learning the numerical scale 1 through 10 is as much a fundamental learning tool in any childhood as the proud and noble junior achievement of reciting out loud the ABC’s.  When the child finally graduates into double digit territory, this also is a great and noble victory, and from there the possibilities are endless.  Numbers run the corporeal world through engineering, architecture, finance, censuses, ratings and just about any given material reference point.  Their logical properties are a major backbone to our very existence.  They make and break empires.  Numbers also skeletonize the natural world:  the amount of Earth’s rotations on its axis within a year, the length of the seasons, phases of the moon, formation of the stars, how long it takes for an egg to hatch or a tree to grow.  “There is power in numbers”  is a statement commonly heard and, yes, there is some truth to that, which could be applied to many causes.  However, the power and magic of numbers goes beyond arithmetical calculations, far beyond our common dimensions and, in fact, symbolizes varying levels of organic energy which hold the universe, any universe together.  Each individual digit (and its derivations) contains a basic vibration or principle of life and creation which stands on its own and underlies the progression of counting.  This concept is called numerology.

This numbers philosophy is rooted way back in ancient times, and its merging with our more conventional usage of mathematics  exemplifies, on any plateau of knowledge or quest for truth, the merging of science and spirit.  It has been said that Pythagoras, the ancient Greek master mathematician who lived around the year 500 BC, was the very first recorded numerologist.  His mathematical findings blended the mystical symbolism of numbers with geometry, sound waves and the amazingly synchronized structure of the cosmos.  The insights of numerology are connected to and correspond with many other divination tools and findings, including the cosmic light rays (the rainbow spectrum), human and animal chakras (or energy centers), keys of sound, gemstones and other natural substances, astrological chartings and the mysterious language of the Tarot.

Numbers are everywhere, in the make-up of everything, and touch our lives on both basic and abstract levels.  They come to us in obvious forms as addresses and license plates, ticket, invoice, telephone, I.D. and other such randomly assigned numbers.  They also find their way to us on more subtle or abstract levels such as within the musical notes of a song, dimensions of a dwelling, significant calender dates, a noteworthy age or the passing of time, itself.  Everyone has their “lucky” numbers, ones they like and which always seem to somehow follow them around and trademark their world.  Have you ever wondered why these numerical patterns keep spontaneously surfacing in your life?  What indeed makes them lucky?  There are generalized, “universal” interpretations of the numbers, and then there are the more tailor-made versions, those that reflect who you are, where you come from and where you are going; very unique numeral combinations on very personalized levels.  And you can learn to corral those customized patterns through a numerology reading:  opening new windows on such angles of one’s life as character, personality, motivation, karma and destiny.  This, of course, is not to be confused with some sort of fortune-telling device, yet is for simply gaining a deeper wisdom and insight of your soul’s journey; its progression and development.  But first, it is important to hold some understanding of the individual numbers’ deeper meanings.


About Unsungpoet

Life-long poet, numerologist, author of other previously unpublished works :)
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6 Responses to A Deeper Look at Numbers

  1. Most of the time, I’m proud to be a #7

  2. Unsungpoet says:

    Lordy, can I ever relate to that! I’ve long suspected I’m not truly of this planet…I mean don’t get me wrong, I love life on earth, but have never really fit, ever…I used to joke and say that I came from a different planet, but I couldn’t tell ya the name of it because when I came here my tongue won’t move like that anymore! (I’m a 9, but have got 7 in my chart, specifically it is my “personality” vibration)

    • LOL my soul’s desire is a 9, but my life path, expression, and personality are a 7, I also have a 7 karmic lesson *ouch*, my subconscious is a 7, and I’m in the 7 life cycle from now until 57, and then again until the end of my life as i know it….my soul desire is very strong, but so far unaccomplished, so in the meantime, i hope to inspire with my words.

  3. Unsungpoet says:

    Wow, you are extremely 7 aren’t you?!…no wonder you’re the self-described “introvert” , operating from a higher plane of consciousness and maybe a little misunderstood? You seem to have a real grasp on the number’s deeper meanings so I won’t bore you with my interpretations! but may I just say that maybe you ARE accomplishing your soul desire, perhaps in the process of the journey?…

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